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Latest UFO Sightings March 25, 2008

Here are the latest UFO sightings reported to Anomaly Blog:

This one is from Leigh and is in response to Anthony's sighting on March 4, 2008, received on March 22nd:

Your recent letter by Anthony hit me so hard I thought I was going to fall off my seat.
I too saw the same craft and had the same experience as he did.. My whole family witnessed it. I was about 12 at the time and I lived in Mesa (Dobson and Gaudalupe)
The craft was so large , it was what seemed to be the size of a football field.

We watched it come in from the west and fly directly over us at a very slow speed. It made a low warm hum , well more like a vibration. My father worked at Garrett at the time and said he never seen anything like it , nor heard of any plane capable of maneuvering like this craft did. We were very surprised that the incident was not on the news , thousands of people had to have seen it. The next day at school I said something to my teacher and he got very excited and had me go to the principle of the school to draw a picture of the craft we had seen. I am assuming it was to prove to her that he too had seen something.. I had a very strange thing happen several years later when I was sixteen.This happened in the same place I had seen the craft the first time. I pulled in front of my house and when I turned the car off I was surrounded (blinded) by the brightest blue/white light , a color I had never seem before which makes it difficult to even explain how brilliant it was. I felt a warm vibration and my car shook a bit . I remember thinking I had got hit by lightning, although it was a clear night. Then as quick as it happened it slipped my mind. when I walked in the door I got in trouble for being an hour late. I know I was on time when I arrived and was confused and forgot what had just happened.. I was at a friends house prior and called her to ask why her clocks were wrong and let her know I was now grounded . She said I left over an hour ago and if I went straight home there was no way I was an hour late. We still talk about that night to this day and it cant be explained. I wonder if the two incidents are related? Anyway , I have been waiting for years to hear someone else talk about that night and that ship.

Its all true.. Amazing thanks .. Leigh

This one is from Christopher, received March 16, 2008:

The objects appear at different times during the night sometimes just before sunset or at dawn. The latest strangest of all appear to seperate and rejoin glowing low luminosity star red in the east southeast sky c. 10:15 p.m. EST. Object hurdled towards earth again at great velocity leaving no ionization trail characteristic of meteorite or comet. No explosion or report/s heard over scanners. Point of origin approximate 30-45 degrees above horizon. Earlier last month one silently buzzed the mountain west of here and continued on upward out of site and apparently out of atmosphere. Same color scheme except up closer looked like ball of gas plasma orangish like our sun but small. At first moving at exceptable air speed velocity but as appeared to ascend toward pleiades many times faster than any aircraft/projectile military/experimental that I know of to exist. Any ideas what these things are doing or what they may be. I am kind of thinking more along the lines of angelic pixies fairies those bubble thingies the witches traveled inside of in the wizard of oz.
This also from Christopher a few days later. I found it interesting, so I'm going to add it here:

Did u c the georgia dome incident the other night strange aperiodic oscillations, then this area had a few blackouts. Supposedly there is a secret installation associated with the old Rosman, N.C. tracking station used by the CIA during the cold war, the supposed name is area 21 or 22 according to different sources. I have seen many manned and unmanned aerial vehicles namely f-122a raptors marine issue equipped for vertical takeoff, dp-22 sparrows, several ground and aerial radar/microwave/far infrared military vehicles in the area. According to several older people who are my neighbors this stuff has been going on for years out here. Usually individuals who attempt to bring it to public attention or question its nature are defamed harrassed and sometimes attacked or their property or evidence is damaged. Just try doing an internet search including the words Pisgah Forest Experimental Jet Aircraft or any similar, the results read like some kind of crazy internet information jamming virus or something. I have contacted the FAA on several occassions after neighbors reported seeing crashes and explosions or planes flying way to low, they always tell me the same thing sir there are training excercises going on in the area that is all we can tell you. I think maybe some of the radio stuff the military is using maybe interfering with these entities or maybe they have obtained equipment and or fallen members of this race which are wanted back, I am not sure. I just know that this kind of interdimensional intergalactic activity has been brought to my attn since at least the age of 8 or 9. I think i am more observant or aware of this type of presence but I don't know what it means at all.
This one is from someone in Rancho Cucamonga in southern California. The sighting is believed to have been near Sunset Peak, north of Upland, California. Received March 18, 2008:

Tonight, 3/15/o8, aroun 8pm, i spotted what appeared to be a UFO. It was a bright flashing light that would move around but stayed in the same general area, and some flashes would be much brighter than others. It was there for about 10 minutes before vanishing. I couldnt tell the shape too well because of the heavy fog. I have never seen anything like it before.

Here are the latest UFO sightings as reported to Billy Booth at About.com:

Georgia-03-12-I looked outside and saw two objects go over my house. They were so low, they could have landed: a small object followed. It was like a disk, with a red and white light underneath. The red light was blinking.

I heard no sounds until it went over and I watched out the front of my house. It was still tree- top level. It was like looking at two ships playing tag with each other. The sound was a loud "whoosing." I followed it for about 3 to 5 minutes. My cats were acting strangely, and I was really excited. I didn't sleep until after the event. I was up for several hours. source: www.mufon.com

Nevada-03-13-I was sitting outside smoking a cigarette, facing northwest, on a clear day with only a few wispy clouds. I routinely watch the skies. I noticed a bright deep-orange object almost drifting from SSW to NNE across my line of vision. At first, I thought I was seeing an inflated advertising balloon/blimp that had come un-tethered and was escaping.

There was only a slight breeze on the ground, less than 5 MPH probably, and the few scattered clouds were not visibly moving at all. This orange object did not drift upward, as an escaping balloon might. It moved steadily in a horizontal NNE direction, at about 75-80 degrees above the horizon. I got a pair of (inexpensive) binoculars and with them the object appeared to be a bright orange cube, slowly rotating on one point of the cube, with black semicircular areas at the two corners of the cube, which were the leading edge and trailing edges of the cube, given the direction of travel.

These semicircles were large, deep black, and pulsated on and off at regular intervals. It made no sound, had no visible means of propulsion, and was moving slowly and steadily. I cannot estimate the height or size of the object very well. It was at approximately 75-80 degrees above the horizon, and could have been any distance out from me. I extended my arm/thumb, and the object appeared about 1/2 the size of my thumbnail. source: www.mufon.com

Texas-November/December, 2007-White Oak-It was a Thursday, but I do not remember the exact date. I walked outside of my workplace and looked toward the west/southwest and noticed what looked to be a weird orange/yellow cloud. It was some distance away-I could not determine exactly how far. It didn't appear to move. I thought the moon was playing tricks on the clouds until I actually saw the moon at another position in the sky.

I continued to watch for approximately 1 minute. It seemed as if it was a plane exploding with the fuel causing a huge fire. I saw the silhouette of what appeared to be debris shooting out of the flame just before it disappeared, an hour later or so. I heard what appeared to be numerous helicopters. I searched the media, but came up with no plane crash/missing flights that were reported. I saw the Stephenville UFO reports in the media and did some research. I'm approximately 200 miles away from there in the same direction I saw the explosion. Perhaps something crashed and they came to find it? source: www.mufon.com

Texas-02-07- I was driving at night close to home, and up in the trees I saw an amber, glowing triangle (it was almost the color of my street light but more amber). The bottom had what appeared to be nine round disk lights that seem brighter than the rest of the body. It also had 3 rounded corners. It had substance as the sides seemed to curve around upward making it 3-dimensional, not flat looking.

I could not tell if it was moving or not as I was driving and trying to pay more attention to the road, although I was close to turning into my driveway. When I turned in, the object was then too high and on my right side where the car roof blocked it, and I was scared to stop and get out. I have looked again at night from the same vantage point and have not seen it or any lights that I could have mistaken for the object. I had not had any drinks or drugs that would impair my recollection of what I saw. I did not tell anyone except my husband, for fear I would be called a nut. Can someone give me an answer as to what it might have been? source: www.mufon.com

Belize-03-12-08-Local news reports that Belmopan residents report seeing UFOs. Love News received reports that a few residents in the Belmopan area saw some bright lights over the hills in the direction of the University Heights area. We were told that the unidentified objects were bright fireball-like lights that came on and off for about 30 seconds at a time. This lasted for more than two hours.

One resident claimed that some two years ago, similar objects were seen in the night skies from Belmopan and wondered if it could be UFOs. We were also told by one of the viewers who have a lot of experience with flares and fire displays that what he saw was nothing similar to what he knows about flares and fires.

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