Monday, December 31, 2007

Latest UFO Sightings

It's time again for the latest UFO sightings as reported to Billy Booth at UFOs/Aliens.

12-17-Florida-While walking on the beach at Cherie Down Park, the witness looked out over the ocean. He spotted a Navy submarine going out toward Cape Canaveral. He then noticed an object that resembled a pie pan, turned upside down. The object was metallic, with an extension on its top. It looked transparent, like a cover on a dish. The witness could also see a horizontal line which spanned the circumference of the object. There were no wings or propellors. The object was flying over the restricted air space of the Cape. Taking his eye away from the object for only a few seconds to check on the submarine, the object had disappeared when he looked back.

North Carolina-12-11-In Fayetteville, about 8:00 PM, our witness was sitting on his porch, when he saw an unusual object. He thought it might be a comet at first, but after a moment or two, he was sure it was not by its characteristics. He was so excited by the object that he called his daughter in Miami to tell her about it. His friend was called from the house, and brought her binoculars. Through the magnification, the object seemed to have a head to it, and a fuzzy tail, but it didn't follow the normal course or speed of a comet, as they watched it for at least 10 minutes slowly traverse the sky.

Oregon-12-17-The witness was putting his dog in its cage outside when he saw a chevron-shaped object moving over the hillside on his property. He could see the outline of the object as it swayed back and forth. The object was much longer than any plane would be, and flew completely different. The object stayed visible for a half-hour, before finally disappearing behind the hillside.

Ohio-12-20-The witness was leaving work, and as he walked to the parking lot, he noticed a flat object in the distance. He thought maybe it was an airplane, but as he got a closer look, he could see the object spinning as it went. The object moved from southeast to northwest of his position, and he got one view of it from underneath. He could see up through the center: the object was shaped like an inner tube.

Canada-12-17-From the Operations Center at the Canadian Department of National Defense came the following report: On Monday, December 17, near Saguenay, Quebec, at 6:44 PM, a man and his wife were eating dinner, and outside of their window, a bright object was observed. The object appeared as a red ball with a white sparkling light surrounding it. It was unlike anything they had seen before. They reported that the unknown object was moving toward the north, and was in clear view for 10 seconds or more. The sky was overcast at the time, but its extreme brightness made it easy to see.

Happy New Year!

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