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Latest UFO Sightings for October 7, 2009

The following are the latest UFO sightings reported to MUFON:

06 Oct 09 - Colorado, US - On October 6th in Centennial, CO at about 3:00pm I was sitting in my car facing west at the school bus stop where my grandson would be dropped off to be driven back to our house. Before the bus arrived, I was looking through the front windshield and suddenly noticed an odd V-shaped object moving slowly across the sky going North. There was no sound, and the V shape was moving in the direction of the open end on its side like this <>. No windows and no apparent lights from the craft.

After about a minute, I was still watching when it instantly disappeared and could not be seen again. I could not relocate the object in view even after intense scrutiny of the area in front of the path of motion. It just seemed to disappear into thin air.

So the two strangest aspects of this were the object moving in the open V direction, and the fact that it disappeared instantly from view after a full minute of observation.

I’ve seen many aircraft in my lifetime, but never anything like this, because it just seemed to come into view suddenly and then disappear suddenly without a trace.

07 Oct 09 - Hawaii, US - My roommate woke me up around 2am telling me there was something strange in the sky and that it might be a ufo. I got up and went out on our east facing lanai. almost directly east there was a very abnormally bright light in the sky, which could have past for a very bright star or planet. every few seconds though, the light would grow brighter, or change colors, ranging from white, silver, to a more bluish color. The object never moved in any direction or differed in its actions. around 3am an airplane took off from honolulu international airport and flew eastward south of the object.

04 Oct 09 - Kansas, US - As we were traveling on 10 hiway coming east out of lawrence, ks about noon on sunday, oct. 4, 2009, we sighted two objects moving e/ne over eudora, ks. just after sighting, the object on the right veered se and disappeared while the object to the left continued traveling ne. at desoto we exited 10 hiway and began driving side roads in an effort to keep tracking the object. we tracked it all the way to the kansas river and then lost it as it appeared to descend over the hilly woods just sw of bonner springs about 12:22pm.

the objects appeared retangular and grey-colored,and, and since they were moving away from us, we felt we were looking at the rectangular rear-ends of the objects. we cannot say for sure what the entire shape of the objects would have been, but both of them also had what appreared to be two circular "engines?" or "ports?" with a connecting silvery stripe between them on the rectangular rear-ends visible to us.

As far as we could tell, they flew totally silently.

27 Sept 09 - California, US - About 4-5am, from the deck of my home I saw the following event. I get up most clear mornings and go out to observe the sky. Some times with binoculars and sometime with out.

While observing the Orion nebula I saw a fast moving light moving from below the Orion constellation in an upward direction. Another light of about the same brightness came in at about a 30 degree angle and seemed to join the first. There was no flash of an explosion and the lights became one. I thought one pass the other but this did not happen. When the lights reached each other one disappeared and the other continued until it faded out.

I have seen the space station and other satellites but they never moved in the trajectory these two objects did. We live below a major air coridor with many aircraft passing over each night (and day).

I can not even guess at the altitude. The magnitude (brightness) was about the same as the average star around the Orion constellation.

This was a naked eye observation.

05 Oct 09 - Arizona, US - After a long day at work my girlfriend and I sat outside in our chairs drinking a glass of wine. I looked up and saw a very fast moving light and thought it was a satellite move in irregular patterns and appeared to disappear into space. I thought it was a fluke until we saw another one flying from north to south-west. I called my friend that lives down the street and he came over. During this time we saw a few more. At 8:45 he arrived and we told him what he saw. We continued to look at the sky and talk. An hour went by without seeing anything until my girlfriend spotted a white ball like object that was beneath the clouds and it looked big, the size of quarter at arms length. The object flew from west to east and again appeared to fly out to space. The last event was about 20 seconeds and flew really fast. That night it was full moon with scattered clouds. The sky wasn't really the best but good enough to clearly spot the fast moving balls of light. All of the lights were white, contained no blinking lights.

05 Oct 09 - California, US - Camp Pendleton, San Diego County, 8:15 p.m., October 5, 2009 - We were driving north on the San Diego Freeway (Interstate 5) through Camp Pendleton when all of a sudden a bright red light caught my attention to the left out over the ocean, maybe about a mile or so ahead of our car. It was so unusual I could not stop staring at it. I did not know what it was and it did not appear to be like any aircraft such as a helicopter or plane of any sort. It glowed very intensely and pulsated at a regular interval, maybe 1 or 2 seconds apart. The intensity of the light was strong and constant. The color was ruby-like or light reddish. My instinct told me this was not any regular flying craft that I knew of. The light was much too intense to be of any known aircraft lighting system and there were no other lights blinking or stationary on it as you would normally see on a plane or helicopter. The object was stationary for several seconds and then began to move eastward toward the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station which was on the beach side of the freeway as we travelled north. As it approached the nuclear plant it disappeared and faded away and then I knew this was no regular or military aircraft. As its light disappeared I intently kept watching to see if it would appear again and only a few seconds later IT REAPPEARED ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE FREEWAY ACROSS FROM THE NUCLEAR PLANT NEAR THE MOUNTAIN RIDGE where it moved eastward for a few seconds and then disappeared behind the mountain ridge into the valley behind it. Its light appeared to fade as it moved right behind this edge of the mountain. I'm wondering if this object was flaunting itself as it could be clearly seen by anyone on the busy freeway, and then all of a sudden, it wanted to travel over the freeway unseen and then reappear on the other side in clear view. Now, here you have a military base AND a nuclear generating station together where an unusual flying object is seen hovering and flying, could it be attracted to these for some reason? Also, when it reappeared, it was near the several high voltage power lines emanating from the nuclear power plant. Could it have been attracted to the large magnetic fields of these power lines running up the mountain or could these have disrupted it power source as it faded away? I used to be a skeptic but I am a firm believer now. This is the real deal.

29 Sept 09 - Maine, US - I was on my deck, I looked up and saw the object moving from NW to SE . I called my girlfriend to look at it also . I thought it was a satellite but it was bright and it was to low . it made no noise . This is the second time I've seen this . I observe the same thing back in june at about 6:00 pm . I've seen otherthings over the past couple of years also.

1 Oct 09 - Florida, US - We had just had the first front of the season and the night was very clear and free of humidity. there was a full moon in the east. My girlfriend and i were walking our dogs in the side yard (double lot) I was looking up and to the west at the stars, as i said it was a super clear night when movement caught my looked almost like a wisp of a cloud or mist. I focused on it and realized i was looking a a craft of some sort. i watched it all the while trying to get my girlfriend to come over and see it. by the time she had, all she saw was a white hue (she also did not have her contacts in)..which at that point is what it looked like to me. it was moving north to south. i got a very good look at the craft, it was a triangle, of that i am sure. If i had not been looking right at it, it would have been hard to see lights, it was illuminated by my guess from the full moon and the ambient light from was clearly defined and a triangle..moving fairly slow..also quiet, not a sound, the corners seemed to have a bit more illumination. this was not a glimpse of something far off. it was just west and almost above. i watched it for a good 10-12 seconds..i of course looked up this sort of thing online and thought it important to note that our house in approx 200 yards from I-75, because it was traveling parallel to it, seems to be a trend. also would like to note that even though I'm 41 i just had on eye doctor visit and my vision is still 20 20. An amazing experience and i feel very lucky to have witness such a thing. if it was ours...we have some very advanced technology. But I truely feel it was something else, as crazy as that just had that feel.

5 Oct 09 - Indiana, US - I was outside smoking a ciggerate at work and saw a white object flying over very slow. I went inside, came back out, and it was flying over again even slower. Then I kept looking for it and it came much closer, then veered to the right and backwards about 20 miles within 2 seconds. It then proceeded to hover in one spot for a half an hour and started to slowly move away and finally disapear.

5 Oct 09 - Michigan, US - I went out my back yard to a field that is an old golf course. I had my camera with me as I usually do. I noticed a bright white round ball in the sky. I began shooting pictures and then took some video footage of this object as it went from right to left (west to east). I would estimate this object as being over a mile away. I continued taping until the object could not be seen as it passed behind the trees. There was no noise that i could detect. It also looked to be shimmering, or reflective.

1 Oct 09 - Michigan, US - I went out my back yard to a field that is an old golf course. I had my camera with me as I usually do. I noticed a bright white round ball in the sky. I began shooting pictures and then took some video footage of this object as it went from right to left (west to east). I would estimate this object as being over a mile away. I continued taping until the object could not be seen as it passed behind the trees. There was no noise that i could detect. It also looked to be shimmering, or reflective.


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