Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend rash of UFO reports include sightings in Pittsburgh, Jeannette; multiple reports in Ohio

It was a busy holiday weekend for UFO sightings in the region. Locally, reports were received of sightings in Pittsburgh, and Jeannette, while there appeared to be a massive outbreak of sightings in Ohio, particularly in the metropolitan Cincinnati region. The following are reports that have been received:

Jeannette, Pennsylvania - September 5, 2009 - Witness has reported repeated sightings of over a dozen orange/yellow orbs coming out of the woods in front of the valley where he lives. Having had previous similar sightings in May, the witness has been observing this area on a frequent basis. One after another came up from the woods, turned on what appeared to be conventional FAA lights, before speeding up and flying off. Some appear to start flashing out of nowhere, higher up from the area without having the orb appearance at first. This area is actually located near a Penn Township golf course near the border of Murrysville. Note: the Murrysville area has been the "epicenter" of many sightings over the past year. The witness claims to have taken photographs of the area after seeing some faint flashes. The photographs reveal multiple orbs, several of which are orange or yellow. The witness drove to the maintenance road by the golf course and observed an "active plasma ball orb" hovering above the golf course. As the witness attempted to shoot some pictures, the object moved to the right behind a patch of trees. The witness then drove to another location to attempt to get a better view of the object. From there, the witness was able to get a better angle of the object and claimed it "transformed into a 'fake plane' by blinking a colored light on each side of the large orb, which tones down into a headlight appearance, then turns off to reveal what appears to be a regular wing-tip navigation red/green lights with flashing white strobes." As the object flies over, the white strobes illuminate what appears to be a tail. Blow-ups of the still photographs reveals that the "tail" is a structure that changes and transforms a little between each shot.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - September 5, 2009 -Witness was parked at the Pittsburgh Mills mall parking lot, waiting for his family to return from some shopping. He had his sunroof open and was watching the clouds when he noticed a dark circle, pea-sized in dimensions. At first he thought the object might be a balloon. Using a pair of binoculars he had in his vehicle, the witness observed the object to be shiny at times, then become semi-transparent, before becoming more cylindrical in shape. The witness estimated the object to be between 40-100 feet in width, and flying at an altitude of 5,000 feet.

The following are some of the many reports that have been coming in from the metropolitan Cincinnati, Ohio region...

September 7, 2009 - Amid some approaching storm activity, with multiple lightning strikes, several witnesses observed an object in the sky to the north, over some nearby baseball fields. The object looked football-shaped, and the witnesses estimated the distance from them to be be approximately 500 yards. The object seemed to be bigger than a helicopter. The witnesses continued to observe the object for 15-20 seconds. The area around the object seemed kind of hazy, or wavy - as if some kind of energy surrounded it. It was at this time that the object seemed to change into a crescent shape, with an opening at the top. The object moved up, and to the left, before returning to its original shape.

September 6, 2009 - Witnesses, celebrating Cincinnati's annual "Riverfest" event reported observing multiple fiery, or meteor-like, controlled objects.

Media, Ohio - September 6, 2009 - Two witnesses reported seven to ten glowing orange balls of light moving very slowly in a east to west direction. There were three objects in a straight line, then four more in a triangular shape behind them, in addition to two separate lights from the pattern approximately 100 feet behind the second group. One witness reported that the line of the objects was huge, estimated at about 300 feet long, possibly more. The objects were observed for over two minutes as they moved west and seemed to just fade out.

Southington, Ohio - September 6, 2009 - Several witnesses were sitting around a bonfire, in the late evening, when they noticed an orange ball traveling over them. Shortly it was gone, only to have a second object come by several minutes later. This object appeared to be traveling at a much higher altitude than the first and then shot straight up in the air, leaving an orange tail behind. A third object appeared and displayed similar activity as the second object. One witness claimed to have observed the exact same phenomenon in the neighborhood two weeks earlier.

Recent report received from Colorado...

Littleton, Colorado - September 7, 2009 - Witnesses observed an orange colored, cigar-shaped object. The object's movement was not similar to conventional aircraft. The object traveled in a north, northwest direction and appeared to be very large, although it was at a great distance from the witnesses

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