Friday, September 11, 2009

UFO invades Indian town: Smoking gun video

Last year in August a UFO dropped in on the town of Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh, India, and the locals have the pics to prove it. Western media did not report the event at all and the incident went entirely unnoticed outside of India.

The UFO was seen at night by numerous residents, who managed to capture extra-ordinary footage (see two videos below). Many residents feared they were under alien attack and most believe to this day that the object was a extraterrestrial, alien flying saucer or 'Uden Shitri' in Hindi. The UFO circled the town for some time and then shot off.

Had there been no footage odds are the townspeople would have been told they saw a comet, plane, Venus or kite. They may even have been informed that they simply imagined the whole thing.

One such town in India was told that glowing orbs that shot lasers into their bodies, prompting what might have been the world's first UFO instigated riot, were in fact insects!

Luckily they got the video and at the very least the thing in it is not Venus or a Comet and probably no kite. If this is an insect many might ask: Where can I get one?

One can therefore say that it is a UFO or unidentified object in the truest sense of the word.

Source: IBN Khabar

via All News Web

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