Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mass UFO sighting in Punjab, India

One nation that has been rather absent from our headlines on UFO activity internationally and in Asia specifically is India. However absence of proof is not proof of absence (Or in this case is that proof of absence is not absence of proof?). In fact, UFO activity is extremely common in India and though seriously under-reported even by that nation's media outlets it is reported often enough nonetheless.

Thankfully, now All News Web has established a channel for receiving information on Indian sightings and they should start appearing on our news site as of now.

One wonders how many UFO sightings in India, even mass ones, have come and gone, forever unnoticed outside the sub-continent.

We start with a mass UFO event from the beautiful, princely city of Paitala in Punjab State. Last Sunday night beginning at 8pm countless people saw and even climbed onto rooftops to get a better view of a large, bright light that hovered and crisscrossed over the city for two hours, before vanishing.

Many thought it to be an alien craft and a local scientist, Mr Surendar Jindal, noted that he could not identify the object with certainty.

Indians are rather accepting of the notion of extraterrestrial visitors and, as is well known, ancient Sanskrit epics speak of the Vimanas: Flying machines used by the gods to travel throughout the universe.