Thursday, September 10, 2009

Amazing UFO footage over Fresno, California?

Below is a video of what looks to be a squadron of UFOs in the night sky of Fresno California. Though the UFOs seem to be emulating a conventional aircraft, with flashing lights, look close and you will see that they pass in front of a star or bright object that is literally seen during the pass. There are no breaks in the bright single object which would indicate the formation to be that of a single large aircraft. Additionally, the sighting is absent of any commonly know aircraft sounds that you would here from planes, jets or helicopters in such a formation. Nice video here, definitely unidentified.

Here is the statement from the submitter courtesy of UFO Casebook.

Reader details:
The object flew over my house, similar to other objects I have filmed for almost four years now. It is unreal. The object was captured with a Sony HandiCam, with night vision. The camera is about 4 years old. The settings were 200x zoom, 20 optical. Taken at 9:30 PM. My mom also saw the object. The lights were blinking at the time. Did anyone else see or film what I did?

Submitted by RT


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