Monday, June 29, 2009

Latest UFO Sightings – 29 June 2009


29 June 2009 – Michigan, US: On the morning of June 29th at 4:15 am a very bright light was spotted from Davison, Mi to the east between 85 and 90 degrees and between 35 and 40 degrees in elevation. At the time my wife and i were going to bed and spotted a light out the window. At first glance i thought it could be a meteorite however it was mostly stationary and multicolored. The light remained in this position until it disappeared at 5:15. Light consisted of multiple lights in 3 rows, with 10-12 lights in a row in a bar like shape. Lights varied between being on and off, in color, intensity. They varied from glowing to being beams of light extending 5 times the width of the object. The lights seemed to rotate at times and sit still at other times, and sometimes flash at random. Rotation was at times vertical and others like chasing lights along its length. A red beam was often seen shining from the bottom of the object. 6-10 audible tones were heard while the object was visible. Tones were heard about every 15 minutes and lasted only a few seconds. The object seemed to move slightly in reference to nearby stars every few minutes but still remained in nearly the same place. A low hum was maintained at all times during the sighting but this could possibly have been local road noise.


29 June 2009 – New Jersey, US: I want to make it very clear that what I am about to write is 100% true. I don't care about alien fanatics, but I do care about the truth. Just 40 minutes ago, I was about to fall asleep sleep when I noticed an unusually bright star outside my window. I have seen two UFOs near my home before, so I knew I had to take a better look at what it was. One of the previous UFOs I had seen, just like the one I saw 40 minutes ago, was a star-like object, but as soon as I stepped out of my car to take a good luck at what it was I was seeing, it shot off into one direction at an incredible speed. When it took off, the string of light curved into the shape of the letter "C". This occurred last summer, but I did not report it. The other UFO I saw, was a Black Triangle that had no visible lights (almost like it was trying to remain unseen). I saw it three years ago (between March-April). Me and my ex-wife exited the backdoor of our house and walked towards my car (this was around 9:00-10:00PM). The sky was grey and completely covered with clouds. For some reason, I had the instinct that something was above me, and to my amazement, I saw this Black Triangle hover across the sky, under the clouds- at a very low altitude and with complete silence. It moved slow enough that I could clearly see it in contrast to the grey sky above, but because it had no lights, I had a feeling that it was a foreign object not from this world. It felt unreal watching it, and in a way, I think it traumatized me because it put me into a state of disbelief. I watched it closely as it passed by (straight above me) and disappeared in about 20-30 seconds into the dark, grey sky that lied ahead. I wanted to tell you about these events because I strongly believe that after seeing what I saw just moments ago, that this area (around Atlantic City/Pleasantville), has undeniable UFO events that are taking place. I am 22 years old and very smart, so I will try my best to make this report brief and bring it down to a human level for good comprehension.

It was 4:40AM and I had just put my iPod away. I was listening to some good, heartfelt music. Immediately after turning it off, I put my head down, ready to go to sleep. Then, for some reason, I thought I saw something outside that I should check. It was just a light that I figured would end up being a plane or some bright star or planet. Then, when I moved the blinds, I realized that it WAS just a star. Or so I thought.

So I kept looking at this star, thinking to myself, why is this the only star in the sky? I mean, I looked around and only saw one REAL star in the background, but it looked completely stationary, as it should. So as I let a minute pass by, I realized that the light wasn't staying the same. At moments, it seemed to get brighter, then just a tiny bit more dim. Maybe, possibly, a star does this. But after the next few things I realized, I knew that this phenomenon was something that could not be dismissed. Remind you, it was late (and it's still late), I wouldn't have gazed for so long if I didn't think it was a cause for alarm. So, there I am, looking at this big, bright star in the sky. As I looked harder (while holding my breath to make sure the object wasn't moving because of me), I noticed one blinking light on the left side. Then I saw a brighter blinking light on the right, except when the right side blinking, it looked like a dim, white beam went from right to left straight to where the blinking light was. While I'm noting this in my mind in awe, I realize that it looks like it's hovering from right to left and up and down and so on. It was not completely still. In fact, it was moving. Just not dramatically like the first star-like object I saw in the sky just last year (around this very time). I began to think that maybe this was a news chopper getting an oversight of the Atlantic City skyline. But then I began to think, "How can that be? It's freakin' 4:40AM and it still very dark outside. In fact, it was dark enough that, the object I was looking at looked like the Northern Star (in comparison). But two answers must be answered and I think I already know the answers to them. First, "Isn't a chopper or plane required to have clear, visible lights blinking in a set sequence? Also, isn't it supposed to have distinct colors like Blue or Red to identify it as an aircraft?" This Helicopter idea had to be ruled out right then and there, because I knew that the one blinking light on the left was far too dim to identify it as plane because I had to really look at this thing to even realize it was blinking. Also, the other blinking light on the right was not set to a perfect sequence or timing. It came off and on, but again, much too slow to identify it as some type of human aircraft. The minutes were flying by, and at this point, I wanted to get a pic or vid. But my camera phone's quality was too crappy, and me being a truth freak, I hate watching UFO vids that aren't clear for they still give the reason of a doubt. I watched the hovering object until the night became day, and soon enough, the star-like object could not be seen. 5:20AM is when I lost sight. As a note, I'd like to add that the object had several random tiny specks of light blinking all around it, but they were much too small to describe with complete accuracy. There was one moment where I saw a dim, white glow around the bottom of the star-like object. It continued to move up/down, right/left while gradually moving up the sky, higher and higher- like the sun, moon, and stars would. But if that was an alien spacecraft, wouldn't it be likely that they would use the glow of white light to fool a human into thinking that what they seeing was the Northern Star or Venus or something easily explained but not proved. Also, the gradual movement up the sky tells me that whoever controlled this thing, knew what they were doing and have probably done it for a long time and many times before.

This event is described to the best of my knowledge and I want a response with possible conclusions and or clues to what this star-like object was. I am here to help as much as possible. In fact, tomorrow night, I will watch the sky around the same time, and have my video cam ready for quality footage.

NOTE: I completely ruled out the ideas of a helicopter, plane, flare, star, planet, comet, meteor, shooting star, satellite, or the International Space Station. Since the object was hovering several centimeters horizontally and vertically (from my point of view) and not stationary or still as a "real" star would, I ruled out the possibility of it being a star or planet. Again, it clearly and definitely moved horizontally and vertically in 2-3 centimeter length, but this was from my point of view and it can also be concluded that as far as the object must have been, those centimeters could have easily been many feet in length. Now, since the object was not constantly moving in one direction across the sky, it can be concluded that it was neither a satellite, comet, meteor, shooting star, "Space Station", plane, helicopter, or flare. This object was hovering in the air at a very high altitude for over 30 minutes before disappearing with the morning sunlight.


28 June 2009 – Ohio, US: It was about 10:30 pm. i was walking home from a fireworks show at well park in Elmore Ohio and some people i was passing said look up there. i was curios and looked up and saw this red glare. i first thought an asteroid but then my eyes adjusted and i saw a flickering was pretty high in the sky and went in a straight line for about 10 minutes.first i thought i should’ve brought my camera and after i lost sight i rushed home to tell my parents. i watched until it was a small ball in the far away sky and disappeared at about 11:00 pm. i know there are witnesses including myself that were watching.


27 June 2009 – California, US: Group Investigating: Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International) Location of Sightings: Carnegie SVRA State Vehicular Recreation Area (Observing Area over Lawrence Livermore Labs)

Ufologists Present: Paul Dale Roberts, Tim Dennehy, Renee Martine, Monique Dannille Apodaca, Chantal Apodaca, Laura Miller, Tammy Straling, Sadie Bowman, Vanessa Kalinowski, Ocita the Chijuajua, Luke the Chihuahua/Dachshund, Karen Mace, David Mace.

Lead Ufologist: Paul Dale Roberts
Renee Martine (Intuitive) and 2 other intuitives reported seeing 3 stars aligned in a right degree angle. The star in the middle seemed to wobble, split into two stars and finally vanished. Time of sighting: 2:06am. Other witnesses: Laura Miller and Monique Apodoca. Note: The three using intuitive abilities were attempting to communicate with extraterrestials.

Tammy Straling while observing the night sky saw a darting star object that moved in an erratic pattern. Time of sighting: 3:01am. Possible witness: Paul Dale Roberts. My eyes could have been playing tricks on me. Observing the night skies on a continuous basis causes mis-sight and misjudgment. While observing with binoculars, it appeared to be a fast moving star like UFO that darts straight, hard left angle and straight again. Note: Many conventional aircraft and satellites were observed.

Observations lasted through the entirely of the evening. Photographic or video was not obtained. Light/laser signaling produced no results. Psychic telepathy communication inconclusive. Sightings by investigators are inconclusive.'


27 June 2009 – California, US: I had just returned to my home after picking up dinner at a local restaurant. Upon existing my vehicle I had an "urge" to look up at the sky. I cannot explain the urge; it was something that I distinctly felt. I looked west and scanned up and to the southeast. The sky was clear with a number of stars visible. I observed the light (orb) moving south to north. I cannot approximate the distance, however the light was in approximate size to a pencil's eraser. What really caught my eye was the orb was radiating light much as a star would. The light had distinct radiating points of white light, approximately eight in total. The orb was moving at a rapid and constant rate of speed. The angle of the light was approximately 70 degrees from my position. As the object arrived just east of my position, what appeared to be a headlamp turned on for a period of two seconds. The lamp illuminated in front of the object.

Immediately I felt a high pitched "humming" in both ears, and what could be best described as a "static charge" around my body. The sound was not painful. The "humming" is still present since the incident. I still hear the noise even when I put in earplugs.

It took the object approximately seven seconds to traverse my visual spectrum.

We have an airport located seven miles from my home. The speed and direction of the object does not conform to the airport's landing and takeoff pattern. We also have an international airport located sixty miles north. The object's light, lack of green/red directional lights seemed odd, and did conform to FAA regulations.


27 June 2009 – Pennsylvania, US: I was setting on my front porch talking on the Phone like around 11: p.m. when I noticed a moving Star like Orb moving very slowly in fact it looked like a moving star I did not see any blinkers at all! I called my mom out front and she couldn't see at first but when she did she had said it was something that the Gov. has out it's just so freaky I believe they are Crafts of some unknown kind either from here or of the 3'd kind I have seen videos of these Orb and the one I seen was the very same deal if anyone could give me any details please email me at been also seeing these Orb's all last summer.


26 June 2009 – Illinois, US: I was coming home from work a little past 5 pm and had walked to the bus stop to wait for the bus home. I was looking at the planes taking off from O’Hare International Airport. As I watched the airplanes taking off I notices two bright spheres of light, zipping in and around the path of the planes. They seemed to be dancing with one another, No other way I could put it. They were circling around each other and zipping back and forth. The planes did not seem to be bothered or did they divert from their paths due to the objects.

This went on for about 45 seconds to roughly 1 minute, before the objects sped out of site. This is not the first time I have witnessed strange objects in and around O'Hare. I usually carry around my backpack and in it, is my trusty camera. But today of all days I decided to leave it at home and travel light.


26 June 2009 – Texas, US: Ok, I’ve seen this similar object now about a dozen times in the past few months. These supposed Chemtrail Planes are flying over and near the planes are these orbs almost all the time. I've filmed one on a camera but since I don't have an actual camcorder I can't film them all. These orbs are always there when these planes fly over and they have some amazing speeds. One of these planes was flying over and one of these orbs was behind it at about a hands length and in a matter of seconds this orb went from being well behind it to in front of it. It passed in front of the planes from right to left. It was behind it to the right and then quickly sped up and crossed paths with the plane and was in front of it and to the left of it in a matter of seconds. There’s something going on with these Chem planes and these orbs. Pay attention to the planes. Film them cause the one time I've filmed one I caught something on camera I didn't see. You tube it also there’s thousands of videos on there of these orbs appearing when these planes are flying over. Not sure what else to say except something odd is going on. Pay Attention People!


26 June 2009 – Texas, US: It was at 11:50PM. on June 26 I went out to the mail box and I saw a very bright star. It was so bright you couldn't see anything else around it. It was due east at app. 25 degrees off the horizon. I watched it for a few min. it never moved. To make sure it wasn't moving I aligned my eye sight with my neighbor roof to see if it would go behind the roof or up or to the left or right, never moved so I thought it was a planet or some star. the next night I went at the same time just to check there was nothing there. no star no bright light nothing and it was at the exact time as the night before. if it was a star or planet it would have been close to the same area. I guess I saw a UFO and didn't even know it. it is still strange to me as to what it was


26 June 2009 – Florida, US: At about 1:35 a.m. after finishing up some online school work, I decided to go outside to have a smoke. I kept the patio lights off in order to keep the bugs away, and to better see shooting stars.

After gazing at the sky for about 5 minutes a drifting object caught my eye. It was moving west at a slow pace, with no lights on, and it did not make much of a sound like most aircrafts would. I live next to the West Palm Beach airport and I am aware of the sound of most planes and helicopters. This was niether. My first thought was that is was a bunch of balloons by the way it almost floated through the sky, but after watching for a few minutes that guess quickly change.

The object was triangular with almost like a circle inside the triangle. I watched as it made it's way west until it stopped, and accelerated backwards as if it saw me see it. I couldn't do much but shake and listen to my own heart pounding as the triangular object hovered almost directly above me. Then it began to sort of dance in the sky, my initial reaction was that they didn't know where or which direction they wanted to go. But it stayed in a general area above me drifting north, then south, east and west. I knew for sure at that point that it wasn't any aircraft belong to us. Silently this object danced in the sky for about 3 minutes. I then decided to get my camera, but being so terrified I couldnt even think straight enough to do so. I ran inside searched for my phone and called a friend. After I returned outside to see if it was there still, it was gone.

Now that I think about it, it seems that they wanted me to see them, as if to confirm all of my beliefs. Growing up I've always had a strong belief in other lifeforms. Becoming an adult it was like after having no personal conformation you should just let it go, not that I did. This sighting to me was just that reconfimation of what I've always believed. Finally.


25 June 2009 – California, US: My husband and I were sitting on our front porch facing East in Yucaipa, California. We were looking at the stars and watching for satellites when my husband pointed up toward the northeast sky. When I turned to look I saw a faint dot, like a satellite or faint star, which was brightening to an intense whitish blue light. The brightness was more intense than a jetliner head on in the night, more like a helicopter spotlight. The object was too far in the sky to be an airplane or helicopter and it was moving from North to South. The brightness lasted for about fifteen seconds then it diminished and again resembled a satellite or faint star as it changed direction and began heading up and Eastward away from us until it disappeared. It was about 3/4 up from the ground and appeared to be at the same height as satellites are normally seen. At the time my husband noticed the object we were discussing possible new job plans and just as I said, "Seems like we are supposed to be on a different path" he pointed to the object. He said it looked like the object turned toward us, like a flashlight that is pointed away and then turns straight at you. We would just like to know what it was.


25 June 20009 – California, US: In Victorville CA, Heard fighter jet looked up and saw a large round sphere that is very shinny and just sitting in mid air around 1 thousand ft in air. It moved a few feet very fast jerks then stopped, then repeated maneuver. Then saw a fighter jet fly by it at same elevation. Jet was short body and short wing span and very loud. I turned to get my pocket camcorder out of my escalade. Took 3 seconds. Turned around and looked up and it was gone. I heard the jet going fast but could not see it anymore.


24 June 2009 – Kentucky, US: Was driving west on I-64 when suddenly 2 low-flying F-22s fighter jets (?, unsure but similar to photos of jets) flying low and fast burst from the mountains overhead.
They were headed south west towards Louisville. Very unusual in this area. I read about the Louisville UFO event the next day and felt these may have been connected.

The jets could have come from Langeley in Va., but that's speculation from me. They were going awfully low and fast, making sharp turns over the hills and could just have been headed to Fort Campbell but they seemed to be on an emergency of sorts.


20 June 2009 – Illinois, US: I was wrapping-up some work on my computer at about 5:20 AM on June 20, 2009, when the morning twilight began to filter through the windows. It being my birthday, and the weather being particularly pleasant, I decided to go outside to observe the dawn sky. I stepped out onto my front porch and looked up into the southern sky. I immediately noticed a very bright object about 30 degrees above the horizon. At first, I thought it was a very bright planet, but I then noticed that it was moving towards me and to the northwest. As the object came closer, I could see that it was not a single point of light; instead, it was a cluster of lights which seemed to be travelling together in formation. The cluster did not resemble an airplane. Instead, it seemed to be composed of several individual elements of various sizes arranged in a "double-cross" or diamond-like pattern. The lights scintillated in a way that suggested to me that the morning sun which was just about to rise was reflecting off the object. I have often seen jets reflecting sunlight in the twilight hours, but this thing in the sky did not look *at all* like a plane. When I realized that I was definitely not seeing a conventional aircraft, I thought to myself, "I am seeing a f-ing UFO!". I raced inside and grabbed a small handheld video camera. By the time I got back outside (about 40 seconds later), the object had moved overhead along the same smooth trajectory in the sky it had been taking since I first noticed it. I began filming the object. The video clearly shows a bright object moving in the sky, but the fine structure of the formation was not clearly captured by the camera (which unfortunately does not have a zoom lens). I shot video for about 2 minutes as the object receded into the northwestern sky. When it was passing overhead and to the north, the formation appeared to be a cluster of roughly coplanar lights in a sort-of triangular arrangement. It made no sound at all. Judging from the way the scale of the object changed as it moved across the sky, I would guess that it was approximately at the same height as a passenger jet at cruising altitude. The experience left me excited and a bit flabbergasted. I reviewed the video footage and was somewhat disappointed to find that the shape of the object on the video was not clear. I made a couple of quick pencil-sketches to record my impression of the cluster's shape, and then retired to bed.