Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lastest UFO Sightings – 15 June 2009

sketch10 JUNE 2009 – NEW MEXICO - While on a short sightseeing vacation trip to NM. from CA. from 9 Jun 2009 to 12 June 2009,on Wednesday, 10 June 2009 both my friend and I were traveling west leaving ROSWELL towards CHACO CANYON NATIONAL HISTORIC PARK via US 70. We decided to follow a route via US 380 West towards SOCORRO, and see if we could find any available lodging on route. After securing a room at a local motel in the town of CAPITAN, we decided to go for a ride and check out the countryside and stars that night, since the skies had turned clear enough to do so. Somewhere around 8:00 pm(20:00 hrs)we found State 234 eastbound and headed towards ROSWELL (Lincoln County).

For those unfamiliar with, NM STATE 230 is a 2 way road which appears to be mostly used by local farmer traffic and apparently not a very busy road at night. Providing NO light pole illumination, night falls quickly after dusk(or sometime between 8:45 PM and 9:10 PM or 20:45 to 21:10 hrs this time of the year). I had to engage the vehicle's high beam lights through out our entire ride, in order to better see the road's contour reflectors/markers/signs and also to avoid hitting any of the local wild life. In the 2.5 hours that we'd traveled to & from on this road, no other vehicles were encountered (nor could be seen at a far distance in the mostly flat landscape)in either direction.

Sometime around 9:00 PM (21:00 hrs)we'd reached marker 41 on STATE 230 and after passing this marker, but before reaching 42, we decided that rather than continuing further in that direction, it was best to go trail back westbound for a spot to stop. So we turned the car around and parked just on the shoulder of the road by marker 41, before heading back west to CAPITAN. We turned off our vehicle's engine & lights, and sat there inside the vehicle talking in total darkness, checking out the view and commenting on how dark it was for this chilly, clear and moonless starry night(up to that point...a full moon rose up later on round 10:00 or so PM (22:00 hrs).

At about 9:10 PM (21:10 hrs) and with the western skies providing just a bit more of lighter dusk shades on the horizon than the darker eastern skies, my friend and I both noticed an object, and although we couldn't make out the outline of it's fuselage, it had a very bright and steady glowing orange to reddish light. At first I thought it to be an aircraft traveling typically fast in a straight line, in a nor-east to east bound direction and at what seemed to me to be at a 30 degree angle above both the barely visible horizon, and the western mountain range.

Having served in both the USMC & the USCG, I am well familiar with many types of military aircrafts, so it seemed somewhat odd to me that a craft traveling that fast at night, did not have any other type of fuselage lights "ON", nor did it produce the familiar distant sounds of jet engines, or sound barrier blasts we're all familiar with.

I was just about to say something to my friend when at that very same moment he burst out saying: "What is that?"..."do you see it?"

No sooner does he asks... when this the object suddenly disappears, vanishing for what we'd estimated to be 5-6 seconds, when it suddenly re-appears again further along on what seemed to me to be 2-3 clicks to the east (still traveling on a straight course)when suddenly IT SPLITS INTO TWO(2)lights(of same orangish-reddish color), which traveled parallel to each other at first, then separating/widening apart in an arc fashion, until just as quickly both lights seemed to REJOIN or "MELT" back into ONE single light- VANISHING immediately thereafter. There was absolutely no sound or echo whatsoever of a collision, nor was there any visibly "hot" falling debris falling into the desert landscape, nor did we see any smoke or "trails" in the sky or fire coming out of the desert landscape thereafter.

My friend and I sat there for about 5-10 minutes both perplexed and excited at what we'd seen. We asked ourselves a number of questions (i.e.: was it fireworks?...was it a satellite?...could it have been spotlights? but none of these questions seemed to have a rational answer as to what we'd witnessed on that night. The entire episode lasted approximately 30 seconds and although I had a digital camera with me, unfortunately I could not retrieve it and power it up quick enough to take pics of the event given how quickly it all happened.

12 JUNE 2009 – OREGON, US - I was driving home looking east into the sky because there were many thunder heads for we were in the middle of a thunderstorm. I was attracted to a very dark cloud to the east. I noticed a white triangular object on the right hand corner of the cloud. I was thinking it must be a cloud within a cloud for it had a glow around it within the black cloud and was slowly dissipating. I thought at the time that is very strange little cloud within that cloud. I was speaking to my son and he said that there are white triangular ufo's. He showed me one on the internet. I said, "that’s exactly what it looked like". Just like the pic he showed me. I was astounded that I actually saw a white one. I have seen black triangular ones with three lights underneath but this one had the point of the triangle upward instead of seeing it flying flat over my head. It appeared to be going straight upward. Looking like such ^ . It eventually just disappeared. I kept thinking how strange it was but thought it was my imagination and wasn't going to say anything.

13 JUNE 2009 – MICHIGAN, US - A Chevron shaped crafted appeared the size of a plane in the Bootjack area. Was completely silence and stationary. Slowly began to move toward Hubbell/Tamarack area. The chevron shape had solid red lights at the point of the chevron, with white lights (solid) behind the red lights towards the back down the middle. Began to move quickly towards town. I thought it was a small plane or helicopter but it made absolutely no noise and was stationary. Lost site of it when it began to head toward town.

13 JUNE 2009 – COLORADO, US - We; Louie, Lucas, and Isaiah Vasquez were camping at Leeds Reservoir in Gypsum, CO From Friday June 12th until Sunday June 14th 2009. On the night of Saturday June 13th we were sitting around the campfire and we were looking up at the stars, since it has been our first clear sky in like about 2 and a half weeks. Anyhow, I (Lucas) noticed Two very bright lights travelling side by side very slowly across the sky. I pointed it out to my Father (Louie) and we all stood there and watched. It was 2 very bright lights exactly aligned as if they were on the ends of either side of whatever craft it was . The lights were not blinking, just a very very bright white. we were all watching this for a bout 2 minutes and it stopped moving. I immediately grabbed the camera but couldn't figure out how to make it shoot video, because I knew the Photo wouldn't have picked anything up. I couldn't figure it out. It was just hovering there for about a minute or so and then it began to rotate. It turned so that the lights were now one on top and one underneath, but still maintained the exact same distance between each other as when they were side by side. It moved up a little then Northbound again. Then Hovered again for about another minute, returned to it's original sideways position, and moved slowly Northbound again and just seemed to disappear in the Night sky. We were a little weirded out and excited all at once.

13 JUNE 2009 – TEXAS - just got off of work and was in the parking lot, was looking up at the sky and noticed a plane or jet ( had normal flashing lights and a few extra flashing white lights in the position as to where the wings would be) was following a bright red/orange spot or light that was staying solid in color. the plane or jet kept a constant distance, the red/orange light would turn rather sharply and the plane would follow, but turning at a more gradual rate. I watched this go on for a couple of minutes as the red/orange light would continue to zigzag and the plane or jet would follow. at one point the plane or jet appeared to get close to the red/orange light and the light quickly increased the distance between them. I watched it go on until I could not see the two any long as they disappeared going north west from south east. There was not any sound to be heard which I am sure was due to the high altitude. also at arms length the two appeared about 2 inches apart. I just thought this was unusual. I have seen many aircraft in the sky but have never witnessed anything like this. just thought it was strange. Thought you would like to hear about it.

13 JUNE 2009 – WISCONSIN - Tonight I was out watching the stars again and photographing any thing that might show up. My flash on the camera, which is quite useless in most respects for night time photography has indeed caught several abnormal and fluke photos in the past. Who knows what they where, bursts of light, fire flies or whatever could be debunked..but I am fascinated on what the lens has captured in the past. I had taken a series of photos into the same constellation of corona borealis outside of Vega and within 5 minutes I heard a thunderous pulsating noise unlike anything I had ever heard before, keep in mind I have been in flight school and do fly so I know all sounds of aircraft. I heard coming from the north a immensely loud pulsating noise and above the tree tops saw an object with red green and blue blinding lights. It rotated just above me and I tried to take photos the entire time but none would show what I saw. It was beautiful and spectacular..It was very big and larger than a normal was not anything I have ever known in pilot school and did not obey our flight pattern above our airspace. it was a free moving object and very powerful. I dont know what I saw but it was magnificent and I felt the really knew I was watching. What I saw was so powerful and unique. I would never dispute it as being nothing less than abnormal from what we know

13 JUNE 2009 – INDIANA - Just a beautiful clear evening. We were all outside laying back in the grass watching the sky and talking about different things. All of a sudden we seen a something streak across the sky at a fast rate of speed and just disappear. I said it was maybe a satellite. Within 10 minutes here comes the HELLO signal. Not a plane nor anything in my 57 years I have felt like I have seen and I have seen a UFO when I was 8 years old. This didn't look like anything that was on a course as it moved like jumping around. Does a satellite give you a BRIGHT FLASH of light right over your head then move on. I believe whatever it was knew we were giving it all our attention and rather enjoyed us. It seemed to say Hello by the making the flash at us directly over our head. I would say it was few miles up but seemed to know what was directly underneath it, like US.....We lost sight of it because it left our eye range. We all felt it was acknowledging us below and it seemed to know we were all excited and talking about it...Interesting to say the least...

14 JUNE 2009 – GREAT BRITAIN - Was outside brushing path and then sat down to have a drink. I always look up to the sky. I watched a plane going over toward Liverpool Airport when a shining reflection just underneath caught my eye. The object seemed quite far away in the distance at a guess it was probably over Liverpool Airport. From the way it was reacting in the sky it seemed to be spinning at a guess a "disc" shape object and I presumed the sun was reflecting on the object. My house was in the shade by then but could see the sun shining that way. I thought that a plane couldn’t stay in the same place and to me it would be too high up to be a helicopter but it didn’t look like that, it seemed the whole object was spinning not just the blades. I've watched the Space shuttle go over and that really moves through the sky but this seemed to stay in the same place. I wanted to call someone out of the house or get a camera but didn’t want to loose sight of it and was trying to work out what it could possibly be when cloud came over and it was gone. It probably only lasted for about 3 minutes from when I noticed it to the cloud coming over. Went in to get my daughter and we came out to see if we could see it again but couldn’t. The only thing I can think of that hovers is a helicopter but to me this seemed too far up. Just wondered if anyone else reported something.

14 JUNE 2009 – PENNSYLVANIA - I was fishing on Lake Erie, crystal clear calm day over the lake, some light cumulus clouds over both US and Canadian shores, no clouds over the lake. While watching a jet with a noticeable contrail fly across the sky I noticed a bright star-like object about 1/4 of the way from the jet to the horizon moving parallel and in sync with the jet without a contrail and no plane like shape. At first I thought it was another plane reflecting sunlight and then realized that it didn't have any plane shape. This continued for about 30 seconds when the object stopped for a about 10 seconds while the jet continued on. The object then changed course at an angle (no arc) and flew about 3/4 of the way to the northern horizon of the lake where it stopped again. Suddenly the object moved very quickly (at speeds incapable of a plane) back towards the west where it slowed again, stopped and then headed due north out of sight. There was no sound or contrails at all and I could hear the jets passing at cruising altitude. I took my sunglasses off and checked to make sure there were no reflections. My friend saw it for only a few seconds before he lost it as he didn't have his prescription glasses on. I had no difficulty seeing it, it appeared a a star just after daybreak. But this was mid day and nearly straight over head. I've never seen anything like this before and I'm confident that it was no normal aircraft. I was really disappointed I had forgot my binoculars in my truck.