Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Latest UFO Sightings for 17 February 2009


17 Feb 2009 – IL, US – At approximately 1:00 AM on February 16, 2009, I was sitting on the side of my house with my boyfriend. I looked above my neighbor’s house and in the northern sky we noticed something odd. I am used to seeing airplanes pass over the houses but this was no airplane. There were stationary 2 lights in the sky. They appeared to be very high in the sky. I watched them for a few minutes assuming they would move, they did not. The stayed still and blinked a white light. The light on the right side blinked about 5 times very quickly, and then the second would do the same as if answering back. This conversation happened about 4 times. After the blinking stopped the two lights moved to the center and appeared to join. They paused for a few seconds and quickly sped off upward into the dark sky. While this was happening it was silent outside. My boyfriend and I both agree these couldn’t have been regular planes. The way in which they acted was very odd.

16 Feb 2009 – TN, US – Last night at 9:40 pm (Feb. 16, 2009) Kim and I stepped out onto the deck for a few minutes before retiring for the night. We were both looking up at the stars and constellations when suddenly Kim exclaimed, “ Look at those lights. They just suddenly turned on. All of a sudden they just came on.“ While she was talking and pointing I looked and saw three bright lights that had the appearance of powerful mercury vapor lights, which emitted a yellowish-white-orange color in a downward direction as if mounted underneath something. I was surprised at the sight because I think I have seen most aircraft light configuration, but this was strange. She said that it must be an airplane. It was moving toward us, but it was too large to be moving too slow. I told her to keep watching while I went for the camera. When I returned within ten seconds it had moved almost straight above us at about 10 -11 o‘clock angle. As I started to take a shot it began to dim, and I told her that it was going to fade out… but it: Brightened again for 2 to 3 seconds, Went out for a couple seconds, Came back on for 3 to 4 seconds, Went out again for a couple seconds, then a very dim red and green light came on and stayed on. Then I was totally confused because No. 1) This object is moving even slower than an ultra-light plane. No. 2) The on and off light sequence was atypical of common air traffic in our area. No. 3) The sudden appearance of these ominous bright yellowish lights at less than a mile away. And lastly, the fact that it had red-and-green navigation lights, not to mention there was NO SOUND at all. Kim and I both concluded that the behavior definitely was not that of an airplane. Maybe it could have been a blimp at low altitude, but it is a violation to navigate without lights.

16 Feb 2009 – OH, US – I was sky watching from my apartment and noticed an unusual craft flying low in the west.It was bright at first,looked like a big bright star but then it began to blink as it got closer i could see that it had several lights.It went over top my roof and i saw the underneath of it.I saw 1 red blinking light and 1 white blinking light and 5 white non blinking lights.My husband thought at first it was a helicopter because we saw one prior to this,but he left the room and didn't see it come down close.I tried to take pictures but my camera only picked up a glare from the window.This craft would sometimes be stationary,IF it were the same craft as i reported that i saw over the school building.

16 Feb 2009 – CT, US – There is definitely something going on in my own backyard, whenever my family and I see these particular lights it is usually around the same time each time between 6pm and 6:15pm and ends around 11pm and 1pm or maybe longer. This light is very brilliant and I have ruled out that it is a planet or some type of satellite etc; We see this brilliant beautiful sparkling light that changes colors and appears to move just slightly. Please note this is the 3rd time we have seen these lights and each time, especially tonight, we saw multiple planes/jets flying near and around its path, once planes got closer the object seemed to disappear before, but tonight we decided to do a little more investigation and we wanted to get in the car and drive to get a better clearer look, when to our surprise once we got into the object was in the front of our home instead of in back, we were assuming before that it was disappearing when in actuality it was moving to the front as soon as the planes attempted to get closer. Also tonight was more amazing than the previous times we had seen the object, because we actually saw the object do a zig zag type of movement when the planes/jets get closer. Never in my life have I seen at least 4 planes/jets near each other trying to get near this thing!!!! It was so hard to believe we were actually watching this happen. Then all of a sudden another light came from behind the trees and appeared to be rising and we thought it may be another jet but it was going so fast and rising from a very low point. It was going at a rapid speed and I tried to follow it with binoculars but couldn't keep up. But what I did see was a bright light gliding up and it didn't have any type of wing span and then all of a sudden it just too off!! I want to cal someone so bad to ask what is going on with all these planes surrounding this thing, but I don't know who to contact to see if in fact the planes/jets are chasing something or trying to get a better view of what is going on, but I have no idea who to call about this at all without sounding crazy, any suggestions? It seems like the objects are coming more often now, and there is still the mystery of the strange footprints that were in our back yard in late December and early January.

16 Feb 2009 – OH, US – I went outside tonight at about 7:45pm to look at the sky since it was very clear. I saw a number of planes and satellites. All the planes had some combination of red and green lights with strobes and the satellites were just faint little points of lights (like small stars) moving in one direction. At about 8:15 pm I saw a dull orange sphere of light as I was facing south, the object was moving west to east at about 30 degrees above the horizon. It appeared to be uniform in color and moving at a relatively slow speed. It's size was about a 1/4 of a fingernail at arms length. I observed for a bout 2 min before it went out of view behind some trees. I saw 3 other aircraft fly that same general path and they were all identifiable as aircraft having red/green lights with strobes. This one was obviously different. I have never seen a UFO before and certainly not one that I would consider extraterrestrial and I'm not sure this one classifies as such but it was different than all other aircraft that I witnessed tonight and I truly don't know what it was. The only reason I am reporting this is because it matches a report from somebody near the East Coast. I didn't have my camera, so no pics, sorry.

15 Feb 2009 – OH, US – I was sky watching, when i saw a bright(but not nearly as bright as Venus is)star-like light appear over top the school building across the street at 8:30pm on Feb.16 2009.It began to slowly raise up, then stayed still for about 15 minutes over the school.It would brighten,then dim during this time.After about 15 minutes it began to very slowly head east across the area,and proceeding upwards.It also began to blink.I was looking out my big family room window,and when i saw it-i felt compelled to talk to it.Very curious as to what shape it really was up close.

15 Feb 2009 – NC, US – I stepped outside to have a cigarette, and noticed a glow traveling due south about 45 degrees above the horizon. it proceeded to fall glowing a bright silver color, with no other color at an unusually slow rate. After about 1.5 seconds it began to dim and then the intense glow faded to see a remnant traveling for another .5-.7 seconds towards the treeline behind the water tower. The trajectory appeared to be heading into the East side over Charlotte, and from my astronomy background appeared unusual because of the relative speed and color. I seemed about 1/2 the speed of most meteor objects and the duration of visibility after burning also lasted for a longer period. The color was an intense white light that would be a magnitude 5 times brighter than Jupiter ( which is visible just after sunset in the East currently around 7 pm). This could have been a very large meteor that did not burn completely, and the remains may have reached Earth East to South East of Charlotte. This however appeared to be at a slower speed, possibly close to a speed of a visible manmade satellite. [There has been recent news coverage of a 2 satellite collision last week (maybe around Tuesday- Wednesday). Also there has been coverage of close range asteroids that were found last Autumn, and several large objects that entered the atmosphere last October-November 2008. Also, I saw one of these on 10/31/08 at 2:58 am and the color was yellow amber with a faster speed and longer visible duration which appeared to break into several pieces]. What I saw this morning was different than normal in speed and color from previous experiences with meteor phenomenon, and may be part of recent satellite activity. What I thought was most interesting was that it occurred in Charlotte airspace, and could have been spotted on radar.

14 Feb 2009 – TN, US – I was traveling north and noticed object to my left and above me as it passed heading north towards Kentucky then disappeared behind ridge.I also noticed a plane heading east and as object passed the plane it seemed to be at a lower altitude and much larger than the plane. The object was a dull blue/green color,not as bright as a meteor or fireball but it was leaving a vapor trail of the same color but it didn't appear to be smoke or fire and object didn't appear to be on fire either,just a dull glow. The object was traveling at a very high rate and in a straight line and within about 7 to 10 seconds was out of sight.It wasn't dropping out of the sky but was on a parallel course to the ground as it passed me and sustained the same altitude or though it seems.I didn't see it breaking up or any falling debris as it passed by. I knew about the sat. collisions from a few days ago and thought that might be what it was but it seemed to be too large for it to be wreckage.There was no contrails of smoke that lingered after wards either. Not sure what it was.

7 Feb 2009 – IN, US – My wife and I were returning home from the Indianapolis area on 2//7/09. We exited I-465 onto US 31 North around 9 PM. Heading North a bright light caught my eye to the West and a little behind my peripheral vision. As I continued to try to watch this light my first thought was that it was a passenger jet with landing lights on turning back to the airport. But it never turned. After about 10 minutes or so I told my wife to watch this light. This light appeared to be maybe 5 to 10 miles to the West and from my advantage at about 30 to 35 degrees from the horizon. As we continued North we observed this light move to the West at quite a distance to where the light was only a pinpoint of light or disappear completely. Then after a couple of minutes it would come back to its original position. This happened numerous times. The farther North we went the light kept its same orientation. If it were a star, the light would continually fall farther behind us. As we approached the South side of Kokomo the light disappeared completely. We never saw it again as we continued into Miami County.

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