Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blue car-shaped UFO hoons over Australia

Newspost Online

Melbourne, Jan 18 : In yet another incident of UFO sightings, a mysterious blue car-shaped UFO has been spotted flying across the sky over northern Australia.

Amateur photographer Mark Schmutter, who claims to have taken the snaps of the mystifying object, says that it looked like a car.

“It does look like a car but what would a car be doing up in the sky?” the Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying.

Schmutter said he was standing on the ninth-floor balcony of a friend’’s CBD apartment in Darwin, when he saw the object move across the sky about the speed of a plane.

Then it flew straight upwards before it disappeared into the sky.

“I decided to go out on the balcony and take some shots of Darwin,” he said.

“I just held the camera up and I saw this thing flash through the sky and I thought ”Oh my goodness what was that?”, and then it came back again so I hit it with the camera.

“But it wasn”t an airplane, no noise … it was a fair way away, you know, but I didn”t hear any noise,” he added.

Schmutter, of Lyons, said he had no idea what it was - be it a strange, newfangled aircraft or a UFO shaped like a muscle car.

The Top End Flying Club last year suggested many of the local sightings of UFOs could actually be Sigma-4 ultralight aircraft - informally dubbed the flying sperm - which fly slowly and with little noise.