Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Recent UFO Sightings Reports for November 13, 2008

I apologize for not updating this blog for quite some time, but we had a recent death in the family and I'm just now getting back to my normal blogging routine.

Here are a couple of reports that came in a few weeks ago. I apologize for not posting them immediately, but like I said, there was a lot going on.

First we have Michael from Santa Cruz, CA:
my name is michael and im in santa cruz ca, it is oct 22 2:00am and i saw a crazy lokking star in the south west sky. it appeared to be moveing along with the flow of the other stars as the night moves on. the star appers to look just like a flashing LED light changeing colors. my telescope is broken thanks to my little bros, all i have on me is a small sighting peace for the tele scope. i lokked at the star through that but i still cant tell what it is. if you get this mesage sonn enough check it out for me. um also let me know if any one else reported any thing like this. thanx mike.

Next is Mr. Newton from Peterborough:
05.31am westbound on a45 on higham rd ,bright light .(od) 3.5ft about 400-600ft lite up ,out of know where .no noise.travels,about one mile in a second .lights went out ...but not a single noise then 05.37 alot of what i can only write as extreme aircraft activity,military, i believe too be awcs.

Here area a few older reports that came in around the time my grandmother died. I apologize for the delay.

Joe W. from Park Rapids, Minnesota:
First, I never thought I would ever see such an event, let alone report one.
I live in Park Rapids, Minnesota, 50 miles south of Bemidji. I am an amateur Astronomer and have spent 1000's of hours observing the skies. Last evening August 30, 2008 at approx. 3:35 A.M. while observing the Orion Constellation in the south eastern sky, my eye was distracted by a object moving at a low rate of speed toward the eastern skies. I estimate that this object was not more than 1/2 mile from my position. I though it might be military aircraft flying in formation. But, there was no sound the anterior end had what seem to be 6-7 large Red lights non-blinking. I estimate the size which is hard to determine at night to be about the size of a Football field. I just sat there in awe, I grabbed my binoculars and was able to see the back end of this object and it's large round red lights for not more than 3 seconds. It then was out of sight as it flew over a large grouping of Pine Trees on the back part of my property. The next morning I call the Sheriffs Dept. in Town, no other Reports. I cannot believe I could be the only one that saw this object. I will wait a gather any other Reports in the comming days. Did I really see a Craft from other than this Earth who Knows, but it will always remain in my memories. Very, very bizarre.
And this is from blondellt:
I too saw something strange in the Eastern sky one night in August. There were 2 round objects hovering in the sky with flashing red and white lights. They hovered for at least an hour. At first I thought they were stars, but the longer I watched the more I realized there was a pattern to their "twinkling". I looked through my binoculars and could see the flashing lights a little better, but they were so bright that I couldn't make out the shape of the craft they were attached to. Tonight, 9-4-08, I see 3 "stars" in the northern sky that "twinkle" red and white and are in V formation. At times these lights seem to change places, but mostly they are hovering. If anyone else sees this or knows what they are please fill me in.
That catches us up on the UFO reports that were sent in to Anomaly Blog. Have you seen a UFO? Report it HERE!