Monday, November 24, 2008

Latest UFO Sightings Reports for November 24, 2008

Looks like Billy Booth had a slew of UFO reports come in from Texas last week. Texas seems to be a hot spot for UFO activity lately. Billy published the ones he thought were of most interest:

There was a heavy concentration of UFO reports from my home state of Texas. Here are a few of the best ones...

10-19-08-Thanks to John Schwab, MUFON, San Antonio, who insisted that I tell my story. To mention this story was not something which I naturally felt comfortable doing. Only after tracking the MUFON site for several days after this event, and noticing the numerous sightings reported the same week including several back around Stephenville, TX, was I persuaded to come forward.

I flew down to San Antonio on an annual business trip Sunday, Oct 19. Arriving at the airport I picked up a rental car and traveled through the city and started southwest in the direction of Eagles Pass for the night. I left the interstate onto Texas Highway 57 toward the Mexican border town.

Soon after leaving the bright lights of the interstate exit, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a supposed plane was tracking the path of the 2 lane highway. I assumed that it was just a low flying airplane using the road to navigate its course. At the time that I first noticed this craft, it was a solid white glow. The object was tracking my speed until it came upon the first radio tower and it seemed to slow down somewhat before resuming my speed. About this time, I noticed that this supposed plane had no position lights or anti-collision lights.

My attention was further heightened as the craft passed and slowed down for another radio tower and then started to dip in altitude before regaining its previous path. It was at this time that the object started changing shapes and colors at the same time. The object changed from a small white glow into a much larger rectangular object, showing colors of blue and green.

I then entered a series of curves. I noticed that rather that continuing on a straight course, it too had followed me into the curve making up the distance and growing in brightness and intensity. Not only was it glowing now, but it was casting its light on my vehicle. After another curve or two it followed the same pattern of growing much closer and cast its light in my direction. By now I was completely unglued. the object had changed shape again and was now oblong or cigar shaped and had now turned red in color. I continued down the road until I finally came to the town of la Pryor.

I did stop at a convenience store in the middle of town as the craft moved on slightly ahead of me and paused to hover at the western edge of town but still within my sight. I did not know if I had the nerve to continue on, even though I had a guaranteed hotel reservation 40 miles ahead of me in Eagles Pass.

It was too late to cancel my reservation now and I had not passed a hotel since I left the Interstate 40 miles back. Traffic had become less and less frequent on this Sunday evening as everyone must have been home with their families. What the hell was I doing here and why was I being singled out? Do I dare get back on the road and chance an abduction?

I hung out in the convenience store for a few minutes and came out hoping that the object had moved on, but it was still there just outside the few lights in this small town. Was I the only person who had seen this strange object? Why did it not just keep moving?

After waiting outside for a few more minutes, a tour bus pulled over at the same convenience store and parked for a few minutes. I thought that I would just wait until the tour bus pulled out and follow him to the border. If anything strange happened on the next stretch of road, at least there will be witnesses on the bus. About the same time the tour bus was pulling out, an 18 wheeler came through town with 2 cars behind him. As the bus pulled out behind them, I was right on the bus' bumper. There was no way that I was going to let these vehicles out of my sight after this craft had been tracking me for 40 miles.

The object resumed its course as soon as I pulled out of La Pryor. now it was following an 18 wheeler, 2 cars, a tour bus and myself in my rental car. These other drivers were not wasting time, in fact the tour bus passed the 2 cars on this 2 lane highway and I was pleased just to keep them all in sight. Our little convoy went for about 10 miles, until suddenly the craft abandoned its parallel course with the road and took a more southerly route, and took off at a much faster speed. I watched it until it moved out of sight heading for Mexico. I became convinced that I was being singled out for a possible abduction. I am certainly glad that it never came to that. I made the final leg of the trip without any further incident and checked into the holiday inn express in Eagles Pass as planned. Needless to say, I did not get much sleep that night thinking about my trip to this border town.

11-07-08-My fiance and two good buddies of mine were traveling to Houston Motor Sports Park, located off of Beltway 8 and Lockwood Friday night when this event happened. We were all having a good time and talking about what our race car we had just finished would do that night at the track. Then about 5 minutes down Lockwood right after the railroad tracks it happened.

I noticed it first, then the others passengers noticed as well. We were all saying, "What the hell?" A giant green-blue, flashing streak just appeared off to our left in somewhat of a darkened field, and that is what made it so obvious. It was so fast and then it just disappeared. The funny thing this was about 200 feet away from our truck.

Another interesting fact about this occurrence is this streak just appeared and seemed to have a path of about a 45 degree slant. I'd say it started about 70 feet off the ground and continued on its slant and disappeared at about 10 feet off the ground. It was so bright that it stopped us immediately in our tracks.

It was a neat experience and all of us kind of just hung around for a bit hoping to see more of the unexplained. I've always been interested in UFOs, and I'm not sure if we saw one or not but nonetheless it was an exciting moment of confusion for all of us. Things just don't appear and disappear that fast in normal circumstances. This streak of light was amazingly fast.

11-08-08-My sister and I were visiting our parents who live in the country just outside of De Leon, Texas. At about 10:15, she went outside to receive a phone call because her signal was weak inside. When our dad turned off the outside lights, she noticed a lighted object due east just above the tree line. At first she thought it was a plane. She watched it for approximately 30 minutes, then came in to get me.

We took our dad's binoculars and watched the object for at least 30 more minutes. We could see the colors with the naked eye and with the binoculars. It was triangular in shape and was pulsing red, green, blue and white lights. It seemed to turn from time to time changing the order of the lights. It stayed in the same spot, then appeared to get higher slowly and started to drift more south. Then we noticed appearing to our left as we looked east, another one rising over the trees.

It looked just like the same one only appeared to be further away. It also turned from time to time. We then got in my sister's truck and went out to the road and sat looking at them. They appeared to get smaller and then the clouds started to move in and obscured them. We also noticed that, at some times, there was a white light tail following them. The moon was 3/4 full and until the clouds moved in from the southwest we could see the stars. Between us both, we watched them for at least 2 hours.

11-08-08-While traveling south bound on Highway 59 from Nacogdoches to Lufkin, my wife who was driving, noticed a light in the sky above the tree line to the left of the road and ahead of us. It was large-about the size as the oncoming car head lights. It seemed as if it was moving to cross the road in front of us but it never did. It looked as if it moved toward the highway, stopped and hovered above the trees, like it was waiting for us to drive past it. After watching it for about 1 minute, I got our JVC DV recorder and began taping it through the windshield.

The light would go behind trees and emerge as we were driving toward it, going bright then dim, but not in a regular pattern. I taped for about 2 minutes or so until we were passing it to our left. I stopped taping [not following it with the cam as it was going up and out of view in the windshield, thinking it was just a plane). As I was looking at it out the top of the windshield as it was going behind us for a split second.

I could see the triangle shape, lights on the 3 points, white, red, and blue, and a bright white light in the center. I had my wife stop the car off the side of the road and I got out to tape again, and the object was moving up the far side of the Highway 59, to the north, at a high rate of speed away from us, like it was running away.

I was standing with one foot on the door sill and taping over the top of our van. I could see the two colored lights flashing as it went out of sight behind the tree tops. This section of tape shows very little due to the lack of light, but you can see one frame of flashing lights.