Monday, August 18, 2008

Latest UFO Sighting Reports for August 18, 2008

Here are the latest UFO sightings reported by Billy Booth at

Florida-08-07-08-Traveling on U.S. 1 south bound in the Jensen beach area, I noticed 3 disc-shaped objects in horizontal formation The objects appeared to be very large, considering their distance of 10-15 miles away. These were not like looking at dots in the sky, they were of significant size and seemed to be over the ocean.

My position for the viewing was approximately 4.5 miles inland. The St. Lucie nuclear plant is not far from this point to the north 6 miles away. This was an awesome experience. source:

Maryland-11-22-07-As I was walking out to my Hearse to put some Goodwill donations in it, I turned to my left, and saw a big, black circle. It looked about 500-700 feet off the ground, hovering over a nearby neighborhood. Tonight was well lit, we had a full moon. And this big circle, hovering in the sky, blocked out clouds and stars. Suddenly, it flew off with unearthly speed, and disappeared into the night sky.

There were no lights coming from it, but there was a clear, disc-shaped outline. If I had to guess, I'd say that they were going stealth tactical. That's what our military would do, and, how it would operate. Was this a UFO from another world, or just a military test vehicle? source:

New Jersey-08-05-08-Two nights ago while sitting in my back yard sky watching, I had my neighbor come by and he started asking me why I had the binoculars with me, and I told him of the years of sightings and many explained and unexplained things I've seen. At that point I glanced to my right (I had turned my torso due west to speak to my neighbor) 10ยบ N x NW, and saw a bright, star-like object on a steady path heading southeast at approximately 500 ASL (above sea level) much lower than a star right?

I reached for my binoculars while telling my neighbor that this is the reason for them, and I noticed and later found out that my girlfriend was watching it for about 15 seconds before me, and she said it flashed as she was watching the sky. I have a very good pair of Steiner Commanders 7 x 50 Binocular Military grade, and I can zoom and focus before it was directly in front of me (facing true north). It traversed the sky slowly and silently, and would slightly shift from an east trajectory to a southeast trajectory. I handed the binoculars to my girlfriend, and then my neighbor, who was speechless. All we saw was an extremely white star burst. NO FAA aircraft strobes or red, green, and yellow-white safety lights. source:

Texas-08-07-08-While sitting outside on my front porch drinking coffee, I happened to look up (towards the east) and noticed what appeared to be a very large star. Then I noticed that it was moving. It was brilliantly lit, and far too large to be a star. The size looked about four times larger than the north star. I would estimate the height to be about 5000 ft, and range about 1-2 miles. It stayed on this heading, and I watched it for about 10 seconds, when suddenly it just disappeared, just like turning off a light switch. I knew then, that I had seen something very unusual. source:

West Virginia-08-08-08 I was in my home on the phone, it was midnight, when I wondered where my dog was. I went outside to find my dog hiding frightened on the west side of my house. When I looked to the east, I saw fireballs. It was pitch black outside that night, the moon had gone down early, so you could not miss them. They looked like small suns, hovering over a pond near the road on my property.

At first I thought maybe they were a pole with mounted transformers on fire, so I got into my car with my friend Doug to check it out. I chased the objects down Balmer road for about 7 kms, then they chased me back at high speed over 100km/hr, and returned to the same pond. They looked like basketball-sized fireballs at first, then transformed into mechanical craft with multiple bright lights rotating, shining down at a 45 degree angle onto the pond staying there for 4 hours, at about tree height, 10 to 40 feet. The objects had very smooth actions, almost fluid in movement, able to speed up very fast. For the most part, they hovered up and down in trees over the pond.

There was a very unusual metallic smell associated with this. The object at its closest to me was about 40 feet, and the closest to the ground they got was 5 feet. I want to add that this occurrence was very disturbing, left me shaking for 2 weeks. source:

That will close out this week's reports, but be sure to come back next week for more of the same. Until then, keep your eyes on the skies.