Thursday, August 21, 2008

Latest UFO Reports for August 21, 2008

Three interesting UFO reports have come in this week to Anomaly Blog.

From Amber in Howell, MI:

I'm not so sure if it was an UFO or not.
I was Upnorth in Casville for the Cheesburger festival,
and about 10:00 pm or so, i saw people look up into the sky.
So obviasly i look back and into the sky to,
and what i have seen was a oranges round ball shape move about north east quit fast. I have never seen anything like that before. I don't quite know if it was a UFO.

From Tony190052:

it was the spring of 1965 I was 13 at the time we live in a very rule area of nj it was around 3 in the morning when my mother woke up from a sound sleep when her bedroom turn bright white she look out the bedroom window an saw a U.F.O. coming down around 150 yards behind our old farm house right down in the woods. she said the woods just lit up stayed for a few minutes then took off straight up. The next morning she told me and my brother what she had seen. We both went out to look an to our surprise about 150 yards was an area the size of a baseball field smashed to the ground. Crushed trees, brush and grass flattened to the ground. We both looked for tire tracks and found none. It was like nothing Iv 'e ever seen before or since. It was defiantly not from this world. For several years after the incident nothing grew there.

And from wyoung1971:

Every morning I wake up at 3:45am to get ready to go to the gym. Before I go to the gym every morning I take my dogs out for their walk. I walk the same steps every morning. Sometimes my dogs can take a little bit of time to do their bsiness being so early in the morning. Anyway it was a longer than usual walk as I was trying to them to pee. At a moment probably around 4:00am when we were close to finishing up our walk. I glanced up at the moon it was pretty big and bright in the sky. And when the moon is that bright there tends to a bluish backdrop about the sky. Well as I'm looking up at the moon I see an ellipitcal shaped shadow run in a northwesterly direction across the sky. Not too fast and quicker that an airplane would fly. I live just near the flight pattern of Sky Harbor Airport so I have something to base the speed from. The object made no sound and seemed to just glide effortlessly across the sky. I blew it off thinking there goes a UFO probablt not out of the ordinary being in Phoenix I'm sure. I never told anyone because I'm a firm believer in intellegent life beyond our reasoning. If I did tell anyone they would just dismiss it and think I was a quack. It's not something you go running into the house saying "Honey I just saw a UFO!!!" Yeah right would be the response I would get. The truly odd part of the story comes later. When I returned home from work later in the afternoon I heard a news report about 40 cows mysteriously dying in a field in Chino Valley, Az. I've never known where Chino Valley was I'd never even heard of it. I google it this morning and it is northwest of Mesa. The exact direction the object was flying. News articles say that the cows were reported dead at around 6 am. Thats when they were first noticed to be dead. It just seems coincidental to me thats all. The initial reports are calling it plant toxicity. There were about 200 cattle and 160 of them were not affected. Reports also say that they should have some results from the toxicity test in about 5 days.

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