Monday, July 7, 2008

Latest UFO Sightings For July 7, 2008

California-06-14-08-My daughter was sitting at the computer. Our front door was open due to the warm weather. She looked out the doorway and noticed something falling from the sky. At first she thought it was a shooting star, but it lasted far too long. She then said, "Do you see that?" and pointed at the sky through the door.

My husband then looked and saw the object. His comment was that it looked like the moon was falling. My daughter said it first flashed green lights, then glowed red, like a meteor entering the atmosphere. Then it smoked, glowed green again, then fire balled. It finally dropped down between two trees to the northwest of our house. The object was so large that she expected to hear or feel a large boom when it actually landed, but we didn't hear or feel anything.

Did anyone else report this sighting? We do live to the southeast of Camp Pendleton, but have never seen anything like this. source:

Delaware-06-19-08-I woke up at 2 o'clock in the morning, then I saw two lights on the sky. I first realize the two lights as helicopters, but when I looked at them a few moments, I couldn't exactly define it as human objects. Later, I tried to identify which object they could be. When I looked at them closer, they blinked in an evenly way.

I wanted to record the objects with a camera, but at first I didn't know exactly, if they were UFOs. In the end it was too late. They flew away and left a bright gleaming veil on the sky. I didn't actually know if there were unknowing flying objects at all, but one thing I can say. If these weren't human produced flying objects, what else can they be? source:

Illinois-06-07-08-On Saturday, at 9:22 PM, I saw a huge, white orb brighter than the moon, head directly over my house in a southeastern direction. The orb was silent-it moved slowly and smoothly. It was at a pretty high altitude, so the size of this thing was astonishing. I reported the sighting to MUFON and the National UFO Reporting Center. Ever since that night, I watched the same areas of the sky… hoping I would see it again.

I did see it again, AT NIGHT, on June 17, 2008, at 10:15 PM. I saw what I thought was a star just light up so brightly, and move slowly downward. It hovered for a couple of seconds, and I could see the shape of the craft this time. It was definitely triangular. The light that came off lit up the sky all around it, like an electrical charge, and the color of the beam was a very spectacular bright, bluish-white.

After it hovered, it turned and took off at an absolutely incredible rate of speed, and followed a commercial flight that was heading due east. It easily caught up to the flight, and passed it up as if it were standing still. I have seen some weird things up in the sky, but this was by far the most unexplainable thing I have ever seen. source:

Texas-03-25-08-Wichita Falls-I saw, what appeared to be, two flying saucers around 8:20 PM in the evening. I had just come home and was starting to pet my dogs, through the gate in the backyard... then I noticed a large light in the eastern sky and as I continued to look at it, it starting moving erratically up and down, sideways and around.

Then I knew I was seeing something I had only heard about... then, the light turned into two separate flying vehicles, at first I could only see the "V" shape of lights in the front, which I suppose is where the pilots would sit, but the rest of the UFO was invisible. About that time, I decided it was some kind of secret military air craft, since we have Sheppard AFB here, the second vehicle broke formation, turned to a horizontal position, and turned its lights on. Then I could see that the craft was dome shaped, with white light coming out through windows at the top, and there were moving clockwise lights around the side. source:

Wisconsin-06-21-08-It was around 1:00 AM. I was on my phone in my driveway when I looked up and saw a object that at first glance appeared to be an aircraft, but after looking for awhile, it was definitely not an airplane of any kind. It was a triangular-shaped object, a little off in the distance, but it still appeared to be huge in size. It made NO sound whatsoever. None. I've never seen anything like it.

The blinking lights (one in front and two bigger ones in back) were incredibly bright, so bright my eyes had to adjust and refocus every time they blinked, and I could follow its progress as it seemed to float away off into the distance for some ten minutes, until the trees blocked it out. It had no red or green lights that an aircraft would have, just three extremely bright white lights. I was dumbfounded, and tried to grab the binoculars from inside the house but was unable to find them. I was neither tired nor under the influence of alcohol. source:


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