Monday, June 30, 2008

Latest UFO Sightings for June 30, 2008

Indiana-06-03-08-I was on the roof of my house and making a call to my home. When I gave a glance to the sky, suddenly some unusual things were moving together, and a 'chain' of lights (around 40) moving very fast in a floating manner. The light was somewhat like 3 "U" shapes in a slight slanting position.

The size of the light chain was so long that I felt something unusual was happening. A plane cannot be that size and there was no sound. Also, a plane cannot be that kind of shape and it was too fast, anyway. I stopped calling my parents and tried to take photos using my mobile but it came out blank, and nothing is clear. The same time I called my friend, but before he looked it was gone. source:

New York-06-14-08-I live in a luxury hi-rise apartment in Midtown, next to the Empire State Building. At around 4:40 AM, I got up while my roommate was going to sleep and went to the rooftop for a cigarette.

At around 4:45 or so, I noticed a dark blimp or oval-shaped vehicle, which I first thought was a blimp, but then realized there was no cabin, no indication of rudders or fans, no markings or logos, and absolutely no lights.

It appeared to move without wobbling or without any influence of the wind direction, but rather in a stable path over or near the East River from about the Union Square East area (14th Street) to the 34th Street area, disappearing from my field of view on the east side of the Empire State Building, then reappearing on the north side. This is where it changed course, and turned east and quickly ascended until it reached the cloud level and disappeared.

It was my intent to record this event with my camera phone which I had in hand, but I was too stunned to even remember to switch it on. I tried recording the event after it oriented itself easterly, but realized then it was too late for my camera phone to record it with any quality. source:

Oregon-06-12-08-I was camping on the edge of a seasonal lake bed,(Skookum Lake), last Thursday with a friend. It was the first evening of several days of rock hunting. We had finished a late BBQ dinner 1-2 hours after dark. While I was readying an air mattress and bedding in the open bed of my pickup, my friend was watching the night sky and talking of seeing a couple of shooting stars and seeing what she called jets maneuvering. I recall hearing sounds of jets but really wasn't looking or paying attention.

At one point her voice got a little excited, saying, "Look over there," pointing in a northwesterly direction. By the time I did, I didn't see anything. She simply said it was an odd light. Finally, I saw a single light flash on, I can only describe it as, if you make a circle, cut it in half vertically and exaggerate it a little bigger, like a side view of an old style auto headlamp. I witnessed this once or twice then saw two, one next to each other. These flashed on for aproximately 1-2 seconds. I have spent many, many nights sleeping in the open air in the high desert over the past thirty plus years and have never seen anything I didn't think was probably easily explainable until now. source:

Pennsylvania-06-12-08-I opened my back door and saw a bright huge light shooting rays upward. I ran and got my boyfriend who was sleeping. We both examined it for a while then I got my camera I took some pictures. The light would not show up, but there are some things you can see. I also took a video.

My boyfriend said that the rays and light just shut off. I wanted to catch it on film, but he said it turned off its light a TV screen. Today, 6/16/08, I went out to the field with my mom, sisters and aunts to see if it left anything and there is a circle of grass lying down in the field. So many days have past it is popping back up but, you can still see the circle. I'd rather talk to someone before I give out the photos. source:

Washington-06-16-08-I was relaxing at the lakefront beach, looking out at the water and the sky, when I saw 3 air force fighter jets chasing a silver, globe-shaped object, over Spanaway Lake, at approximately 4:20 PM this afternoon. It was enough to convince me that I saw something indubitably out of the ordinary-a silver disc almost globe-shaped and roughly, from my viewpoint, the perceived size of a bb at arm's length.

This object was discernibly bisected on the horizontal plane, almost like a silver wedding band placed horizontally around the midsection of a flattened chromed steel ball. Its airspeed was also similar to a passenger jet on approach to an airport. It made no sound I could hear, at least not above the sound of car/boat traffic and wind and the masses of people frolicking at the beach, none of whom seemed to notice what was happening in the sky above them. I noticed this object out of my peripheral vision and watched it move in an easterly direction about 10 degrees from when I first noticed it. source:


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