Monday, June 23, 2008

Latest UFO Sightings for June 24, 2008

Here are the latest UFO sightings as reported to Billy Booth:

California-06-14-08- Traveling west on the I-10 just north of Palm Springs, I witnessed a very bright bluegreen ball of light which seemed to be just above San Jacinto Mountain which borders Palm Springs. Shortly after, there was a bright white light maybe an impact, I really cannot say.

I continued to travel west on the I-10 West while looking up the San Jacinto Mountain from its northwest side, there seemed to be a plume. I did not notice any clouds in the area, my boyfriend phoned KESQ-News and spoke to someone that confirmed something of the same sighting over the scanner. source:

Florida-06-14-08-My brother and I when outside to smoke a cigarette when a sudden glare of light appeared in the sky very low to the ground. Then the glare reduced to a small and dimmer light, as we both entered the street and the light became very bright again, and then reduced to a dimmer light once again.

The object slowly started moving in our direction and we started walking towards it so we could get a good look. We kept asking each other, "Is that a UFO?" Once it passed over our heads, we could see all the different lights and though it was close to us, we didn't her any noise like plane engines.

We knew it wasn't a plane because there were many lights when it passed over us and it had many flashing red lights. source:

New England-06-14-08-I was outside with my son when he said "Look up there dad!" I was facing east as the object came from a northeasterly direction. There was an elongated object (quite big) moving silently across the sky at the height of the clouds which are pretty low out here in Nebraska. It had no wings and was heading in a southeasterly direction right above Lincoln. It went through or behind a patch of clouds and I didn't see it for a brief time, and especially at the speed it was going I judged that it must have paused for a moment when behind or in the clouds.

Then I saw it again continuing along its original course of travel. It must have been about sixty to eighty feet long and possibly thirty to forty feet wide. There was no contrail or chemtrail behind it. It must have been traveling about 80 to 100 mph. Mostly blue sky with some perfectly white clouds. It was 81 degrees outside with 9 mph winds coming from the south and visibility at 10.0 miles. source:

Rhode Island-06-14-08-I went out to the backyard to have a smoke, and my girlfriend asked me if I could see strange lights on the ground. I thought perhaps it was the solar garden lights so I moved them, then looked up in the sky and the stars were very dim because of cloud cover and one started moving. It moved fast then slow left to right in circles. I got dizzied watching it, but I didn't want to lose sight of it.

I just had a hard time believing it, and sometimes, I still don't. This isn't the first time we have seen things above us. The object made some incredible moves up there, and I know an airplane is not capable of matching what I saw that night. source:

West Virginia-05-18-08-I was at work standing at my boss's truck talking with him and the dozer man. I was looking at the darkening sky to see what stars I could see at the time. From the northeast, came a small medium sized orb-like object. It was silently moving over our location.

It changed colors from white to green, and moved erratically at times. The object disappeared after about 5 minutes into the horizon. I thought it was an airplane at first, until it started changing colors. I was kind of shocked for I haven't seen anything I couldn't explain since I was a kid. source:

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