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Latest UFO Sightings for April 16, 2008

This report is from Stacy G. in Surprise, AZ

I would like to report a sighting last night at about 9:45pm over Surprise AZ.
What looked like a star in the big dipper that was twice as bright as the other stars stayed solid and did not move for about 20 seconds. Then it began to slowly move back and forth then smoothly slide off to the right and went dark at the same time moving east, just 10 minutes earlier I saw a Solid white "star" blinking off and on every 5 seconds seen in the northwest sky moving left to right, did not have the normal red and green lights of a normal aircraft, I thought it could have been a satellite rotating reflecting the light of the sun on it's solar panels that had set hours earlier.
That is the only report that came in to Anomaly Blog this week. Remember folks, report those sightings here by sending an email to!

Here are the latest UFO sightings as reported by Billy Booth at

California-03-23-08-It was early morning at 3:30 AM, when my girlfriend and I were walking back from our friend's place. We were at MLK and 57th Street in Oakland. I looked up and saw strange lights hovering above us. My girlfriend said later it looked like eight aircraft flying really low above us.

I didn't take time to count, but I took her word for it. I saw the lights too, but was stunned by their passing. We didn't hear any planes. The lights headed northeast. They were about five hundred feet above us, and the lights were really bright. The lights passed by fast! I grew up in Oakland, and have never seen anything in the sky like these lights. What we saw was not a plane or anything else, it was unexplainable for them to fly so low and have such bright lights. This was unlike anything I have ever seen.

California-3-24-08-I had just got home after talking to my close family members and friends about an experience I had. I was walking home from my work studio when I saw I think, 6 lights above me. I was at about 40th and Broadway, Oakland, California, when I saw them fly above me slowly.

What I saw could have been about six or more aircraft moving over head or one aircraft with six lights on it but whatever it was, it was not a jet, or helicopter. It was silent and stealthy-no noise came from the object. I'm from LA and have seen many airplanes and helicopters pass by and they have that specific noise and red light-these had six or more lights that were bright white on the cooler side (whitish blue), and no sound whatsoever.

It was really creepy, and I even called the police department which responded as if I was crazy. My close friend told me about MUFON. I feel that my words cannot explain all the details of what I remember. All I can say is there were bright white lights flying low and did not blink or flicker. They passed by like no aircraft I have ever seen. source:

North Carolina-03-27-08-While driving an ambulance down Hwy 401 South between Garner and Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, I saw a triangle-shaped object flying at approximately 1000 feet altitude. It was very low to the ground, and making no noise. There were no markings noted.

The object did have a red light at back left corner, and a white light noted to the back right corner with no tail noted (looking up from ground). I was able to pull ahead of trees and noted object at high rate of speed over trees in the distance. This was witnessed by two paramedics. I've never seen anything like this before. source:

Pennsylvania-03-28-08-I went out back to have a smoke, looked up and saw a dimly lit, uneven triangle with about 8 to 10 lights moving too fast to be anything conventional. What I mean about uneven is that one side had 7 lights and the other side had 2 or 3 lights. It moved left a little, then back right, but the other parts of it as the center moved kept perfect pace with it. But the other parts moved around and back and forth but made the exact turns that the center did.

Then it was just too far away and too fast to see anymore. It was unbelievable. Behind my house is a flight path for airplanes and I see them constantly. There were also planes around that looked as if they were standing still compared to the speed that this or these things had.

With it moving so fast, there would have never have been time to photograph it. I know someone else in the area had to see it. It was like it was following the river the way it was moving. There is an airport really close to my house. They had to see it on radar! source:

Texas-03-26-08-I was looking out my garage window (looking west to east) and a triangular-shaped object just appeared in my line of sight. It had 5-6 lights, was slightly tilted (which enabled me to see the triangular shape) and appeared to be much larger than an aircraft. My view was not obstructed in any way.

It slowly moved from south to north for approximately 2-3 miles, and then just disappeared. Right before it disappeared, it moved slightly toward some bare trees that are a block over from my home. I could still see it clearly through the branches.

There is a municipal airport in that direction, so I am VERY used to seeing small aircraft, plus I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, so I also see a lot of commercial aircraft as well. I have been a radiographer (X-ray technologist) for 11 years, which requires me to be a keen observer. I also have perfect vision. There was no mistake!

It had too many lights, and the lights were not in the same places as they would be on a conventional aircraft. When the craft disappeared, I immediately stood up and began to look for it, but it was gone. It almost seemed like it turned in on itself. I wasn't going to report this, but after thinking about the importance of it all, I decided to go ahead. source:

Illinois-Extremely Bright Lights-03-07-08-As I was returning home from Chicago traveling along westbound I-80, I noticed an extremely bright light in the sky to the west as I was passing the village of New Lenox, IL. I thought that it may be an airplane traveling east, which would explain why it did not appear to move. As I continued west, the light kept its brightness, and still did not move from its position. As I crossed the Des Plaines River Bridge in Joliet, I noticed that there were now two extremely bright lights.

As I drove alongside the West Park area in Joliet, I looked up from my driver's seat at the light source and saw a cross-shaped object silhouetted by the light, and hovering at about 80 feet above the ground. I was traveling at approximately 60 mph, but was able to see this object clearly. It had no similarity to a helicopter. I had my window open, and could hear no sound above the road sound being made by my vehicle. It was definitely not an airplane because of its nearness to the ground, and its absolutely stationary position.

As I continued west, I saw the second light, also along the south side of the interstate, but nearer the large garbage disposal area. As I drove alongside this light, I again looked up and saw an exact duplicate of the previous cross-shaped object, silently hovering at about the same height above the ground. As I passed, I thought to myself that I had just seen something very odd. I am a professional person that has never witnessed anything out of the ordinary, but this was a very strange observance. source:

Indiana-Five Discs-03-22-08-My girlfriend and I stepped out of her apartment to go to the store at exactly 9:56 PM. Where she lives there is little light pollution. We headed out and walked down the sidewalk. There was a full moon, and I remember I was going to comment on how the night sky would be perfect for telescopes. I had looked up and there I saw 5 whitish discs in a diagonal straight formation. It was a perfect line. They must have been spread apart by 15-20 feet each.

I don't know how high up they were, but I know they were lower than any plane should be. I could see the under belly of these craft based on the little light in the area that was being reflected off of it. I flipped out and ran around the other side of my girlfriend's car and grabbed her head and pointed her eyes toward the spot where I saw them. At that time they were gone.

There were no lights and no sound. I was shaking so badly and my palms were sweating. I always have wanted to see something like that but now, I don't want it, I'm scared and I wish there was an explanation... source:

New York-Two Large Lights-03-05-08-Poughquag-About 3:00 AM-I sat up in bed not totally awake and I saw 2 lights-they were round and a little bigger than the moon. The color was a golden light. They were level with each other. There was no sound outside of my bedroom window.

I laid back down and went to sleep, and the next night I looked out the same window to see if anything was there, but there was nothing but sky. The next morning after the sighting, I had a very sore feeling at the back of my head. My husband was asleep and I didn't think to wake him. Bonnie-source:

Missouri-Low Flying Triangle-03-21-08-I went out by myself to get gas for my car at a near by gas station and decided to drive around for a little while afterward. I turned onto Lindbergh going south from Watson Rd.(Rt. 66) in Sunset Hills. Driving down Lindbergh I noticed some lights really low in the sky to the left of the road. At first I thought it was a helicopter and rolled down my window to listen and see if it was. There was no noise whatsoever.

It was just gliding slowly across the road. There were three white lights in a triangle on the bottom and around the edge there were all different colored lights strobing in a line around it. It must have been about 40 feet across if not more. I could not distinguish a shape-just the lights. It went directly over my car and was only a couple hundred feet or less above me. I turned right onto a subdivision street to follow it, but it was going north and the street I was on was going west.

I turned around and got back on Lindbergh going north but it was already really far away and disappeared from sight. Other people must have seen it because it was so ridiculously low. I wasn't scared, I was really excited because I had never seen one before but am interested in the subject. source:

Pennsylvania-Bright Lights near Moon- 01-27-08-During each night of the full moon in January 2008, there was a really bright white light to the left of the full moon. I thought it was a star or planet but research showed no star or planet to be in that area of the sky. It was VERY bright white.

The first night I saw it, I didn't think much of it and thought it was a very bright star or planet. Then the second night I saw it I glanced up and noticed a red light was swirling around it intermittently. This is what caught my attention. I looked again and sure enough there was a red light along with the bright white light.

I don't think any stars or planets were in that part of the sky that were that bright. It was REALLY bright-bright white and looked like 10 really bright stars put together. It was there for several nights in a row during the full moon to the left then never seen again after full moon ended. source:

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