Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Latest UFO Sightings for April 1, 2008

The following is an email I received on March 30, 2008 from Will K.:

On Monday, March 24, 2008, around 8:40 PM, my family and I were
sitting on the deck of a friends home in a remote beach area 16 miles
from the city of La Paz, Mexico. We were star gazing and suddenly
witnessed an unusual craft silently moving across the sky. It didn't
make a sound and, unlike the satellites we witnessed, moved in a
straight line across the sky relatively low compared to satellites.
Then suddenly disappeared. The object appeared to have two bright
lights, one in front and one considerably spaced toward the rear and
the most astonishing thing was that it had a comet like tail - a very
wide, bright and illuminated tail that appeared bent or arched
downward. In fact, at first we thought it may be a comet except for
the two lights.
There was no time to grab a camera. We wondered for days what it
might be then we heard about the shuttle landing but that occurred on
Any thoughts to what we may have seen?
Will K.
Long Beach, CA
This sounds like many other sightings I have heard about where the craft makes no sound. In fact this sounds strangely like a sighting my friend in Tennessee had back in the '90s. He said a strange craft with two bright lights hovered over his back field for several minutes before flying across and making no sound, and then took off at a high rate of speed and vanished into the night. I doubt your sighting was a comet, or the shuttle. There's really no telling. It's too bad you didn't have video for us to see. ~K


Below are recent sightings as reported by Billy Booth at About.com:

California-02-21-08-My wife and I were on a cruise ship called the Star heading down to Acapulco (My wife's birthday). We were sent on the cruise by my CEO of Daycom Systems Inc. My wife and I had just recently lost our oldest son Eythan to his battle with cancer. My CEO paid for us to go on vacation to get away, so we booked a cruise with Norwegian Cruise lines.

We had suite 11020 on the 11th deck, which is forward/starboard of the ship. At about 11:30 PM, I went out on the balcony of our suite and I looked aft of the ship up at the smoke stack which was blowing northwest-our heading was southeast along Baja, California.

I was out on the balcony in my robe and I just lit a smoke when I saw what looked like a spark or something in the smoke stack. I told myself it was a spark that came out of the exhaust, but I noticed it was moving in an elliptical motion away and back towards the ship. As it came back to the ship it would leave my sight because it was behind the ship. I sat there thinking if what I saw was real, when about 5 seconds later it came back following the same pattern.

I then called for my wife to come look at it. As she got her robe on, it came and did the same pattern again. I called for my wife with more urgency since I had become really startled. She came out on the balcony and I told her to just watch the sky behind the ship and to focus on the smoke stack. She gasped about 10 seconds later when she saw a gold orb of light make an elliptical pattern just as I had seen 3 times.

She asked me if it was a bird, and I replied there is no way that was a bird. I told her we had to get to the very aft of the ship and then we bolted for the elevator and we got out on the 12th deck and continued aft of the ship. We sat back there for a few minutes with camera in hand.

After not seeing anything, we lost interest and starting looking at the moon and stars. Then suddenly out on the horizon north of us we saw the strange orb "turn on" and glide over the horizon for about 5 seconds before "turning off" and vanishing.

My wife and I were completely freaked out and we knew we saw something not of this world. I have recently begun to research this type of thing and have found many photos and videos that show exactly what we saw, so I am convinced there are UFOs. source: www.mufon.com

California-03-03-08-Long Beach-Chrome disc motionless over ocean at sunset in Long Beach, CA, at 5:45 PM.

I was on Ocean Blvd going west toward Redondo Avenue and I was looking at the sky over the ocean which had a residue of chem trail, probably from military aircraft. This is quite common here. I saw an object flying away from me, and I stopped my car to get a better look at what it might be. It also trailed something behind it, but it did not dissipate.

The object appeared to be headed toward a crash, but then it suddenly came to a complete stop-like it was frozen in the sky. It was a chrome-like object with the sun reflecting off of its metallic surface. It seemed to me to be a disc-shaped object. I had my cell phone with me, but was so enthralled with the object, I forgot to take a photograph. source: www.nuforc.org

Florida-03-15-08-My mother and I were visiting my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew in Broward County-(Southwest Ranches) and, as we were preparing to leave, we were standing outside in the driveway talking and star gazing. My brother is an amateur astronomer, my nephew is studying aeronautical engineering, my niece is an attorney, my sister-in-law is a nurse, and I am a professional local government employee.

We were star-gazing and discussing the various constellations and stars, when my nephew stated that he saw something in the western sky that was very odd. We all saw what appeared to be a triangular shaped object with silver/white lights flying from south to north. It was a clear, near cloudless sky with a bright moon, so visibility was clear.

At first I thought it was a flock of birds flying in a "V" formation and the moonlight was reflecting off of them. But then I saw a single white light blink one time, in what would be the rear center of the object. As it was going away from us to the north, it appeared to change trajectory as if it was turning or banking to one side (to its right), so that the lights then appeared to align in a straight line. There were no red or green lights. It was not an airplane or a helicopter. There was no sound.

It is very difficult to estimate the height, but I would guess it was about one-half mile high. The entire event only lasted about one minute plus.

My sister-in-law and niece dismissed it as a military "flying wing," but my brother and nephew (who both fly small planes) are very knowledgeable about various models of airplanes, and they said it was the wrong configuration to be the currently known flying wing.

It was an amazing event and we were all pretty stunned. I drew out what I witnessed tonight, and just called my nephew to get his immediate recollection as it was still fresh in all our minds. He did not recall seeing the single light at the rear of the object, that I saw, but, we all concur it was a triangular shaped object-and it must have been solid, as we could see no stars between the lights. source: www.mufon.com

Georgia-03-03-08-Bloomingdale-Triangle-shaped silver object hovering 100 ft above tree line on Hwy 80 tilted downward and shot out of view.

Driving down Hwy 80, I saw a triangle-shaped object with lights on the points of the triangle. It was hovering above the trees approximately 100 ft. high. It was silver in color. I rolled down the window and could hear a low humming noise.

I turned around and as I did, the object tilted in a downward motion and then shot away. I am not sure what it was, but it was different than anything I had seen before. source: www.nuforc.org

Indiana-03-06-08-My husband and I and younger daughter were traveling home from Monticello on the evening of March 6, 2008. We were headed north on NW Shafer Drive when my husband said, "Look at those lights," pointing to the eastern sky. I was driving so I could not see past him. My younger daughter was sitting in the back seat behind him and said "What is it?"

I slowed down to pull over, but he said the objects were gone. We traveled approximately 1-2 minutes and turned onto our road when he said, "Look, there they are again." I then stopped and looked at them. They were two oval-shaped, bright orange lights that flashed a couple of times and vanished very quickly, almost like it was absorbed into the sky. My husband stayed outside awhile after we returned home, but didn't see anything else that evening. This is not the first time we have seen these types of lights or objects that appear and vanish with no noise or explanation of what they are, sometimes they are so very fast and move almost so you can't follow them. source: www.mufon.com

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