Thursday, February 7, 2008

Latest UFO Sightings For February 7, 2008

California-1980s-I must have been 7 years old or so. It was the mid 1980's. My parents and about 5 other families were camping at a place called Swimmers Delight. It's out highway 36, in northern CA. A state park I believe.

There were 7 of us kids. Our parents decided that we should all (children) sleep in the same tent. It's amazing how it is still so fresh in my mind like it happened just yesterday. OK, it's the middle of the night, I assume, the parents were definitely asleep. I am sleeping in the middle of the tent.

Allison, who was on my right, woke me up. She said there was eyes in the corner of the tent. I remember telling her it's just your imagination, go back to sleep. But she wouldn't leave me alone and I could tell that she was really scared, she was crying at this point.

So I sat up, looked over in the right hand corner of the tent and there were two large black slanted eyes coming up out of the corner, almost like they were coming from the ground, through the tent. Of course, I totally freaked out and tried waking up the other kids. We both tried waking them up. The boys were to my left. My younger brother was closest to me. He wouldn't wake up for all the world, neither would another boy. But Dustin did.

We didn't know what to do. These eyes were still coming at us. Then there was this strange lighted device, kind of like a very miniature UFO that floated into our tent. It was the classic saucer shape with flashing lights all around. I told Dustin and Allison to put their heads under their covers, and we all did.

None of us remember going to sleep but all three of us woke up at the same time. It was barely daylight out side and it sounded like there was something rustling behind our tent. Allison asked me if I had heard the noise, I said yes and Dustin said he heard it too. From the time we put the covers over our heads to the time we became conscious seemed like just a minute or two. source:

Georgia-Mirror-01-12-08-I saw a UFO last Saturday coming back from Anderson, SC. It was at the border of Georgia and Alabama at West Point Lake. It was not an airplane-it had a mirror-like reflection, and was not moving at all. You could see the sunlight coming off of it. It was about 30,000 feet high. As I was watching it, it simply disappeared into thin air. I would be interested in knowing if anyone else saw this besides me.

Georgia-April, 2004-This occurred in Marietta, GA on a beautiful sunny day at 4:30 PM. I was in my home, looking out my window when I spotted the UFOs in the sky. I was alone and did not take any photos (unfortunately). There were two pink triangles way up in the sky... where jets would normally be flying. They were stationary for a few minutes then moved in unison, then disappeared into the clouds.

A few minutes later they reappeared in a different part of the sky, at the same height as previously. Again, they were stationery, then moved in unison, then disappeared into the clouds. They were not kites or balloons, or helicopters or planes... they were not anything I had ever seen before in my life. There were no sounds or smells associated with the UFOs, but I was inside my house looking out the window, so the only sense I was using was my sight. Report by a doctor. source:

Indiana-01-24-08-Well, you might not believe the events that just happened, and I don't know if I do either. I was on my way home from work, and I saw some disturbance in the water down at the river that moves through Muncie, Indiana. I stopped and got out of my vehicle, and just then the lights dimmed, and then the engine turned off. The water got very noisy, and the sound of ice breaking, and a bright lighted disk shape appeared to slowly rise out of the ice.

The shape appeared to hover and seemed to get closer to me. I ducked underneath the front of the car, and yelled 'leave me alone,' in case it wanted to approach me. I wasn't armed then, but I wish I was.

I'll bet some buckshot would have scared them off. Anyway, after a minute or so, I could see the lights getting dimmer, so I looked out and saw the shape hovering toward the tree line along the White River. A low hum came from the disk as it sped up and flew off to the northeast skyline. When I got home, I noticed I had a sunburn that appeared around the back of my neck, but my wife said it was there before, so I am not sure if it is related. source:

India-November or December, 2007-This happened in October or November, 2007. I don't remember the exact date. I am from India (Chennai). I happened to notice 3 stars in an inverted triangle position on the west side of town. As I am in the 1st floor and have a balcony, I put on some music in my room and stand in the balcony one evening and noticed this star formation to be peculiar. One day as I was looking at these 3 stars,the 1st star was not that bright, the 2nd was brighter than the 1st and the 3rd one the brightest of all.

As I was watching, I suddenly noticed another star coming from the 1st star moving slowly to the 3rd star and when it came very closely to the 3rd star it became more brighter than the 3rd star and disappeared in about 5 seconds. I was shocked to see this and after about 2-3 minutes, one more star came from near the 1st star and to the 3rd star and disappeared in the same manner. The time was from 6:30-7:00 PM. After this I haven't seen this inverted triangle star formation, but have noticed strange objects flying in the sky, and I believe in UFOs as I had seen one when I was about 15 years old. source:

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