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Latest UFO Sightings For February 18, 2008

Once again, here are this week's UFO sightings reports as reported to Billy Booth at

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Maryland-02-07-08-It was 6:55 PM EST, and I had just exited my house to go on an errand. I live in a court that has 5 houses in it, and I park my car on the outside edge of the court. As I was walking towards my car, I saw a bright star-like object in the southwest sky. It was the brightest thing I have ever seen in the sky. It was about 3-5 times brighter than anything I've ever seen in the sky, including a star or Venus.

I starred at it for approximately 5 seconds, before if faded out of my vision. It was not an airplane, a helicopter, a planet or star.

I am almost certain it was not the International Space Station passing through the sky, as I have seen that in the sky three times, and the object I saw on this evening was much brighter than that, and it did not move through space like the space station does. I was totally amazed about what I saw tonight. At first I thought that it might have been a star having a supernova, in fact I am pretty sure that's what it could have been. But since it was unidentified, I figured I'd share my story with your organization. source:

Ohio-02-03-08-I was driving east of Porter, Ohio on state route 554 at approximately 2:30-3:00 PM on Sunday. It was a cloudy day and the sun was hitting clouds directly in front of me and something caught my eye to where I slowed and tried to see it better. The clouds were low and colored from light to dark and I saw a blue blimp looking craft, not extremely high altitude it seemed. It seemed to be big, like a blimp and moved at a fairly good speed right amongst the clouds going from west to east in a straight line.

I had a car behind me, so I had to look at the road and drive, but it did not really fit that it moved steadily and at a good speed, but was not like a plane and was right in the rain clouds. I must admit, I just couldn't make a definite identification that quick, but as a few days went by, it just keeps sticking in my mind that it was out of place compared to anything I had ever seen. It was light blue, but as it went in front of darker clouds, it stood out from the background. I was just curious if anybody else had reported this. source:

Oklahoma-02-07-08-My son and I were coming home from Skateland. As we approached our home, I looked up into the sky to see how many stars were out and I noticed a dark triangle object fly across the sky. I only saw it because of the street lights reflecting off the bottom of it. This object had no lights and no sound with it. I just got a new telescope, so I have been looking at the stars a lot lately.

Luckily I have seen more than stars. This is the second sighting for me here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. source:

Pennsylvania-02-06-08-Traveling on Brownsville Road west coming toward the T intersection of Bernville/Robesonia road just north of Robesonia, I saw a glowing fireball in the horizon roughly over the town of Myerstown. The light would stay glowing in the same spot for 5-10 seconds then immediately go out, and another glow would appear just to the right of the previous glowing object.

The distance apart from the glowing object would be roughly the width of your thumb if you extended your arm toward the objects.

There were a total of 4 glowing objects that appeared. They did not appear at the same time, but in the a sequence moving right. When one would go out, another would appear to the right and stay lit and pulsating for 5-10 seconds.

This same sequence of glowing lights were witnessed by my brother, dad, and I almost 11 years ago Feb 20th 1997. We lived in Richland PA and saw the same type of light sequence over the town of Myerstown. My brother got a look at it with binoculars and could see tiny white sparkles circling the glowing objects. This latter sequence lasted much longer, around 30 minutes and ended with the orange glowing streaking off and disappearing. source:

Texas-02-01-08-Houston-Today I saw an object apparently falling from the sky. It was very large, bigger than any jet. It left two streaks in the sky, similar to the exhaust from a jet but two separate streams and much larger. It was traveling very fast towards the north. Quickly it turned, changed direction, and headed east while still falling.

I called CNN and Houston news. I have sent them a poor picture taken with my phone that does show the exhaust-like streak it left in the sky. I was on the phone with my father while searching the sky for it, saw several fighter jets fly past towards the direction of the object. I was driving east on I-10. source:

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