Sunday, February 24, 2008

German Flood Lights UFO Sighting

This is another report from our friend Mark W., who keeps us all well informed of his UFO experiences. Thanks Mark!

German Flood Lights

Drawing #1

It was around mids 2007 and very late at night. And cool was it too. I viewed a few UFOs, points of lights going by over me once in a while. Sometimes there are nights, that I see around 10-15 of them so you can imagine, how many more I didn´t see. My digital Video camera, you can make photographs with it too and for that, I don´t know, if other picture cameras have that too, a build in Laser Beam. That beam is actually for making pictures in total darkness, it´s actually for the Focusing Lens. It´s not a very strong Laser Grid, it says that it´s supposed to go for only 3 Meters distance BUT, they don´t tell you, how far it goes in the invisible light range spectrum. That spectrum, that UFOs can detect. In case you wounder, my camera is a DCR-TRV60E.

Drawing #2

I also noticed in my area, that once in a while, a control UFO flyes over our Area, may be because of me? Haa! So I took out my camera at night and started to blend with it into the night but not making any pictures. And soon and suddenly, that "ORB" - UFO appeared out of no where at the left of the drawing #2! before I could switch the camera over for filming, the UFO switched itself off! Those guys are playing with me like I´m playing with them.

Drawing #3

And that experiment got me that idea, with the Laser Pointer. At that night, whenever I saw one of those UFOs coming by, I flashed/blinked the Laser at them. Some of them reacted in moving higher up into the Atmosphere, just blinked out or did nothing. As you might know, that some UFO´s are being piloted by either people of the US Government or from the Germans. I´m saying that, because of the experience of photograph #1, that I´m about to tell you about.

It was a starry night, me again bothering the fly by´s UFOs or as soon as I see one, running quickly inside and getting my Laser Pointer. The Star constellations that I saw on that night, I´m very familiar with. But as I come back from a while being inside, I suddenly saw a constellation that didn´t make much sense to me. It looked like a boat standing up-right (Picture #2). I felt an un easy feeling and nothing else more happened for around 30 seconds. Then suddenly, the top and bottom Stars to the right of the Boat started to move off synchron at the same time, moving towards the East North East very slowly and before they disappeared behind the Trees, another single UFO appeared from over me traveling towards the apartment building @ picture #2. Here I got the Idea, to flash my Laser Pointer at him/them, to see, what´ll happen because it was at the perfect range.

Now something strange, may be funny occurred! Funny because the following might have happened to him, the UFO Pilot. He was probably Human and piloting that UFO, probably was a coordinator or Traffic Officer because, as he looked into his rear view mirror, he got either so scared or blinded from my Laser Pointer, that he´s lost control of his UFO. The UFO started to move from side to side frantically and may be, he´s just spilled his coffee all over his instruments, you know how that´s like. Like spilling something over your computer key board, you´d too would react very quickly, to avoid more damage. But that wasn´t the end of that #1 experience then shortly after that, 3-5 seconds later, a Beam of light came from around that craft, just like in the Canadian Flood Light sighting and he too, flashed at at me. I stopped - being surprised, that that reaction came and his Flood Light stopped also. That was a heart racing, gittering experience but, since something like that has happened to me already in the past, that moment wasn´t as frightened as back then.

Drawing #4

That still isn´t the end of that story! After that UFO passed that building, I kept on standing at my Balcony and see there! Picture #2, the two synchron UFO´s returned! They were only about 20 Minutes away and here they are again. Where were they? Was that may be a Flight school, training a new UFO Pilot or what??? I surely think, that they were the ones, who complained about me. That there´s someone down there pointing Laser Lights at them or even other UFO Pilots. And then that pic., #1 UFO appeared. After those 2 synchron UFO´s like Star lights have passed by me, flying past the Building, then the UFO #2 appeared from almost their direction, where I spotted the two UFOs at only this time, that #2 now being #3 UFO flew higher up! I couldn't hold myself and did it again. I Lasered him again AND, he was stupid enough, to Flood Light me back or was he playing with me along? May be, that´s a new friend that I´ve made. ...may be.

And that was it for now, we´ll see what´ll happen in the new future, the future of 2012?


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