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Latest UFO Sightings - The Last Ones of 2007

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday. I enjoyed my time with family, (away from this darn computer), and we had a very nice dinner too...that's always a bonus, eh? But, I always seem to eat myself into oblivion. Ugh!

Now that it's all over, we can get back to the UFOs. These will be the last ones listed here at Anomaly blog for 2007. I can't wait to see what the new year will have in store for those of us in the UFO community.

Here are the latest UFO sightings as reported to Billy Booth at his UFO/Aliens website.

Arizona-Casa Grande & Phoenix-11-30-11:30 PM-Pinal or Marricopa county-
Witness and brother were driving to Phoenix and somewhere after Casa Grande a bright light about 45 degrees to the right caught their eye. They first thought they were seeing an airport light, but the light was not rotating as it should have been. The object/light was a very bright blue color, and glowed constantly. They were both mesmerized by its appearance, and both agreed it was brighter than any object they had ever seen in the skies of Phoenix. source:

Minnesota-12-07-A man and his son were driving down Highway 169 heading north, when they noticed an unusual object in the sky. The object had white lights underneath, and red lights on the top and sides. It was ahead of them on the highway, but then began to descend toward the road. It then crossed the highway, and simply stopped. It then flew right over their car, and they got a good look at it. It then flew toward a light tower, and turned off its white lights, as if trying to blend in with the tower, and not be seen. They were exhilarated by what they saw. source:

New Jersey-12-03-Witnesses: Debbie, Brienn and Chanel Fusco ages 53, 30, and 26 respectively, were all outside smoking at the rear of the reporter's mother-in-law's home in Seaville, NJ at about 11:00 PM. Soon, a large, low-flying craft of about 80 feet in length appeared from their left, and hovered near the house. The object had multi-colored lights, and produced a "whooshing" sound. The witnesses had the feeling they were being watched by the object, and were afraid. They could see that the UFO had no wings. They had never seen anything before that resembled it. source:

England-1988-The witness was working at the Adelphi Theatre in London, England in 1988. He and a fellow worker/friend, were sitting on the roof having a cigarette during the intermission. They walked out the door to the roof for their break. While gazing at the sky, they both witnessed three red lights of an unknown nature. They were moving at a great speed, and at a high altitude. They both looked at each other, asking: "What the ___ was that?" Although they had watched various planes fly over many times, these objects were something different than they had ever seen before or since. source: reader

Ohio-11-15-About 2:50 AM-One of our readers sent me this report: We were driving down County Road 16 near County Road L in Wauseon,Ohio, when my fiance said that he saw something in the night sky that looked like a car with its high-beams on. So naturally I looked to see what he was referring to, and as I did I started veering off the road so I stopped to get a better view. It really did look like headlights in the sky until it got closer to us. As it did, we noticed that there were actually 3 lights in a triangle pattern that were very bright with a smaller dimmer light in between the bottom 2. Then there was also a 4th light that wasn't as bright at the rear of the object that kind of made a diamond shape with the rest of the object. The object was flying very low at approximately 500-1,000 feet from the top of some trees.

It was flying much too slow to be a normal aircraft and it was so quiet. We could barely hear it make a noise. It sounded more like a hum instead of an engine. We stood there watching the object fly slowly over us until it was out of view. We got back in our truck and headed off to work. A few days ago we were watching a show on the History Channel called "UFO Files Episode 2." In the opening credits there was a picture of an unknown object that looked exactly like what we had seen. source: reader April H.

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