Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Latest UFO Sightings

Here are the latest UFO sightings as reported by Billy Booth at UFOs/Aliens:

California-09-05-Oakland-The witness states that: While driving along our famous 880 freeway, in Oakland where I have observed most of my freeway sightings, I noticed a sparkling glint in the hot, hazy white bright, mid-morning sky. It was about 12:20 PM. The glint was very bright, and that immediately attracted my attention.

We were passing trees and buildings, which hampered my view of the object. With the first direct view, I saw a clear glass, egg-shaped vehicle, sort of float flying, not really moving, mostly sitting there, at about Cessna level, in the sky.

I could tell it was turning the way the Sun glinted off the different smooth areas of it. It looked like a flying opal, encased in a glass shell, or crystal which is finer than glass, or diamond, because the outside covering had a liquid sparkle to its glassiness.

It appeared to have a luminous 'filling' of opalescent hot pink, hot white to yellow, and rose. While trying to get a better look, a tall tree-top tip blocked it from my view for not more than a mere second or two, and just that quickly 'the egg jewel' vehicle was gone! PLINK! Nowhere to be seen in the vast wide open sky!-Taykn-source:

California-08-03-Our witness describes his sighting to us: I was recently on vacation at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Hogan Lake. One August afternoon I was floating in my boat just enjoying the afternoon sky when something caught my eye. It was some type of aircraft, most likely military.

It was wedge-shaped in appearance from what I saw. I was unable to tell its size or altitude. I am 60 % deaf so I did not hear any sound, but when a commercial jet does over fly that lake, if I am floating with engine off and no boats are making noise, I can just barely hear the engines. The picture was taken with a digital Kodak Easy Share camera -see photograph at top right.

The aircraft slowed to a stand still, made a few barrel rolls, accelerated to a speed about the same as when you see an airliner overhead. I was unable to guess its altitude, but I think it was greater than 10,000 feet.

It was not an F-117 or B-2. No exhaust was visible. I only took one photo-I only observed it for about 5 minutes, to me it was unremarkable, I have seen many military craft like the Boeing Bird of Prey.

I only now decided to report it because I was flicking through my vacation pictures and remembered about the day I saw the UFO. Now I use the term UFO, as it should be, this aircraft to me was Unidentified. UFO to me does not mean alien spaceship. I am sure this was a U.S. military craft. source:

New Mexico-07-09-The witness says that: I was outside facing the west in the early morning darkness when I saw an object move across the sky from south to north. It is impossible to judge the size of this object because I didn't have a frame of reference for depth of field. It did give me a feeling of impossibly large, however. It was also traveling at a speed that would be impossibly fast as far as what aircraft known to me would be able to travel. It went from horizon to horizon in six to eight seconds.

It was football-shaped or oval on the horizontal and had no noticeable trail behind it nor tail of any kind. If I were to try to describe the size I would have to say that it appeared about the size of the way we would see the full moon only in the oval shape. It was very bright blue-indigo in color with a slight fringe of a lighter almost cream color on its perimeter and was obviously emitting it's own light and was not a reflection of any kind. As it passed rather low in the western sky from my observation point in southern New Mexico it seemed to have a path that followed the curvature of the earth and not rising in altitude nor was it falling like a meteor might be expected to do when entering the earth's atmosphere. As it left my field of view, it appeared to be traveling at about 5 to 15 points north. I am not a UFO enthusiast and have no particular beliefs for or against UFOs. source:

Australia-Sept-2007-Perth-Hi, my name is T. S. This incident didn't happen to me, rather my brother, so I'm slightly sketchy on the details but let me stress the fact that he is just not someone who'd lie about this kind of thing, I'm sure he saw what he says he did. We live in Perth, Western Australia.

He was driving home the other night at about 11 PM when he noticed an object moving in the sky in front of him (it looked like a slightly bigger than usual star) and then all of a sudden he said it flashed a really bright green, lighting up the whole sky for a split second, and then disappeared.

Naturally he slammed on the breaks in surprise and tried to get another look but it was long gone. I'd be very interested to know if anyone else saw this. Apologies for the lack of details, if they're not sufficient let me know and I'll pressure him for more next time I see him. -T.S. source:

United Kingdom-09-01-Banbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom-The witness states: On Saturday, September 1, at approximately 22:30 hours, I let my dog out into the garden and noticed four balls of red light moving slowly across the sky. My initial reaction was that they were aircraft and then I realized the lights were not flashing and there was no engine noise. These four lights continued to move across the sky in an easterly direction and directly overhead. Six more lights appeared, coming from the north west. They were flying in formation.

During the next 10 to 15 minutes lights in groups of threes and fours continued to appear in the north west and traveled towards the east. The last light was traveling on his own. Once over the buildings, they disappeared. In all, I counted 21 balls of red light.

I couldn't say what height they were flying at but definitely a lot lower than an aircraft I saw in the sky. They were not in a hurry either-as I say the whole episode took about 10 to 15 minutes to happen. It was a clear night with a starry sky. Unfortunately, I do not have a camera so was unable to take any photos. It was a fascinating sight!-source:

Japan-09-07-An reader sent this report-I saw it between 6:00-6.15 AM on 7 September 2007 at Singapore. It was still dark. I was along the road outside my house when I gazed up into the sky to appreciate the clear starry night before sunrise. It will be an unforgettable day of my life. I actually saw something, which is moving much faster than a plane, ''gliding'' across the sky!

It was definitely not a slow moving shooting star because it actually came to a stop HANGING ON AIR for a few minutes before it actually moved in a semi-circle like direction. I called up my girlfriend but she couldn't spot it, but 2 Bangladesh construction workers heading for work walking next to me saw it too.

It was definitely not a plane because if unnoticed, it will be just like a extremely dim light star. It took that thing less than 5 seconds to glide pass the stars (vertical 3 stars in a row) before coming to a stop. As I live there, I know that planes and helicopters have never flown past that area-they only fly past a certain route which is very far away from what I saw today. I hope someone saw it and can come to a reasonable explanation. source:

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