Monday, September 10, 2007

Latest UFO Sightings

Here are the latest UFO sightings as reported by Billy Booth at UFOs/Aliens:

California-08-30- I received this report through my personal e-mail. The witness states: I live in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Last night, August 30, when it started to get dark my daughter was in the backyard with two younger cousins and they spotted a light that moved in circles and then it would appear to be bouncing. We kept watching it for over 30 minutes and it keep moving up and then down slowly and then in circles.

We got out our binoculars and keep watching it. Have you received any other reports of this? I am very curious of what this could have been. Mary Greene-source: e-mail

California-08-31-Witnesses, while driving to Sacramento, saw a strange object in the skies that had multiple colored lights, and appeared to be disc-shaped. Other motorists were pulled off to the side of the road, watching the UFO on I-680 North. Several people were seen taking photographs of the UFO. The witnesses thought at first they were seeing a blimp, because of its slow movement, and hovering at times. The object maintained its postion for a startling 20 minutes, before it slowly left the area at a great speed, which precluded any chance of it being a blimp. source:

Colorado-08-31-A UFO was seen by the reporter and two neighbors. The UFO was a metallic-blue and silver color. It moved silently near their apartment. The reporter of the sighting was inside when the object first appeared, but hearing the neighbors loud voices, he ran outside. He states that the UFO was the "strangest thing he ever saw." He states that the object "floated" past their location. The two neighbors drew sketches of the object, and several photographs were taken by our reporter. These have not been released yet, but when and if they are, I will grab them and post for all to see. source:

Indiana-09-01-Our witness gives this account of a sighting: I took the dog out for the last time tonight. I was looking at Polaris and out of nowhere saw what appeared to me to be a light streaking across the sky from South to North. It was definitely faster than a plane. It was brighter than any shooting star I've EVER seen. And it was also slower than any shooting star I've seen. I was standing on the deck in front of my house and it was NNE at approximately a 45-50 degree angle. My first thought was of videos of the Apollo or Shuttle spacecraft returning. My second thought was how much it looked like a rocket going through the sky. I saw no signs of a contrail of any kind. source:

Pennsylvania-09-01-Unknown objects were hovering up and down and spinning very fast-enough to leave trails of light, states our witness. They were shooting across the sky, but there was no sound. They would send beams to each other. They were spinning and hovering at the same time. There was a green light illuminating off the top of one of them. It looked like a fireball because the whole thing was illuminating. One of the other objects was changing color from blue to white to green, but it was still spinning and hovering. At times, it would stop illuminating and show a bright white light, then the entire thing would illuminate again.

I just arrived home from work and my boyfriend showed them to me. Nick was outside looking up at the sky while waiting for me to get home. I was excited at the possibility of other beings examining the things we do. I felt like I was on the X-files. source:

Australia-08-29-Our witness tells us that: Tonight a friend and I from Newcastle, Australia, saw the strangest thing sitting in the southern sky. This looked different from the stars but we are not sure what it is? My friend described it "like a squid?"

It had these lights which turned from white to red and sometimes when I viewed it through the binoculars it had blue lights as well which could not be seen with the naked eye. Please let me know what was this?


  1. UFO sitings are they really real. We'll never know.

  2. I think we will find out the truth one day. It may not be in MY lifetime, but I hope it is!


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