Saturday, September 1, 2007

Latest UFO Sighting Reports

Here are the latest UFO Sightings reported by Billy Booth to UFOs/Aliens.

Arkansas-07-30-Malvern-At 12:45 AM on a partly cloudy night, witness went outside to enjoy the warm night, full moon, and stars. After about 15 minutes, witness saw to his left, from 30-40 degrees above horizon, a rapidly blinking light. The object was a bit larger than a star, and blinking rapidly. The unknown object moved across the sky to the left, following an erratic path. It seemed to follow the path of a horseshoe, moving in, then out, up and around, and then back down. It then disappeared behind a cloud bank. Across the sky quite a distance away, witness spotted another light, which moved in the same direction as the first UFO had. Finally, it disappeared behind the same cloud as the first object.

California-08-14-07-Visalia-7:30 AM PST-Witness states: My Dad (retired, former military) called me to report a sighting. He was standing outside his home when he looked up and saw a metallic cigar-shaped craft. There was no propeller, no wings, no sound, and no contrail, heading northwest with an approximate altitude of 10,000 ft. He said it was moving fast enough that he did not have time to call my Mom out to see it. He's never reported anything before so I thought I'd let you know.

Florida-08-14-While vacationing in St. Augustine, witness was getting ready to go sea fishing, and out on the deck, spotted a formation of lights which were hovering. It appeared to be made of four green lights. It moved very slowly right to left. Witness watched object for about 10 minutes, at which time it made a circular move in the sky. It then took off, merging into one light, heading east. There were several other planes that night, and witness feels that one of them must have seen the same formation.

Minnesota-08-14-Man received a call from his wife about 9:30 PM. She was driving south on I-35 about 100 miles north of St Paul. She said that she had just seen a green fireball fly across the sky. The husband, along with a friend of his, thought little of it at the time, since she had seen a similar thing a few years back. But then she called again, and said she was looking at what she thought was the red light on top of a cell phone tower but it was way too high. Then three fighter jets flying in formation flew over her. She watched as the red-lighted object flew off to the east, with the jets in pursuit. The two men decided to go outside to see if they could spot what the lady was describing. They saw two red objects streaking across the sky toward each other. They appeared to be heading for a collision, but veered away at the last moment.

England-07-14-Late at night witness was sitting outside with neighbors having a beer, when he noticed to his left a perfectly round object in the sky. The object was of a Terra cotta color, and it was thought at first that it might be a balloon. That theory was dismissed when, after a brief period of time, it was noted that the object moved in a straight line from left to right. The witness called six other friends over, who also saw the anomalous object. The witness estimated the object's altitude at 10,000 feet and its speed at up to 600 MPH. They reported their sighting to the police station at Hounslow, who reported it to Heathrow Air Traffic Control, but nothing was noted on radar.

England-08-12-In the early hours of Sunday, August, 12, witness was sitting in her garden with a cup of coffee, watching shooting stars. The witness says that the objects were remnants of Comet Swift Tuttle. Suddenly, a large object shot across the sky. The object had a faded light appearance, did not leave contrail, made no sound, and had a rolling action to it. The object had appeared from behind her house, and moved in a straight line. She eventually saw five altogether. She has reported her sighting to several professional organizations, but has not yet received an answer. Sandra V.- Poole in Dorset (on the South Coast of England)

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