Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Latest UFO Sightings Reports

Here are the latest UFO Sightings reported by Billy Booth to UFOs/Aliens.

Illinois-08-03-The witness was driving in the direction of Lamont, nearing the cross roads of 131 and Archer Drive, when he saw a jelly bean shaped object just above a tree line. The chrome colored object did not shine on its own, but was reflecting light. The object seemed to be sitting still. The witness says that the object was unlike anything he had ever seen before. While watching it, suddenly it disappeared! There were no clouds in the sky for it to hide behind. The object had a smooth, metallic look to it.

Kentucky-08-01-A man and his girlfriend were heading to his mothers house to do some chores. While exiting their car, they noticed how clear the sky was at the time. As they gazed at the heavens for a moment, they thought they were looking at Sagittarius. Soon, they noticed, to the right of the constellation what they thought to be a star. It was very bright, and then began to move across the face of Sagittarius, and exit on the opposite side. Soon, three more objects appeared, with one of them moving over the victims vantage point. This object was without a doubt a triangle shape, and being closer, they could describe it as "blacker than black." This would be repeated three more times, as all four triangles made their way on the same route. Finally the objects were gone from sight.

Nevada-08-02-The witness was sitting on his deck when he noticed a rather bright light heading toward him from the west. The object was much lower that the airplanes that he often watched. The object was 2-3 times the brightness of anything else in the sky at the time. The object had no running lights of any kind, and as it passed by, the witness noticed there was no contrail. As the object moved away, the witness described its back side as brilliantly lit as its front. The witness has over 30 years of being an aviation buff, and has never seen any other flying object like the one he described. It is the first time he has made a UFO report.

Nevada-08-03-The following night in Reno, a very similar sighting report was made. A witness, while coming out of a shopping center, saw an extremely bright light about 10:30 PM. The object was round, and moving from south to north. The object had no running lights of any kind. Witness saw a plane a few minutes later, and knew for certain that the first object was a UFO.

France-08-01-Our reporter was looking at Jupiter through a small telescope when he noticed an extremely bright light which had appeared from nowhere above the bay in front of him. As he stared at the object for a couple of seconds, it blinked, and then disappeared. There was no sound from the object, and no sound of any kind. The silence was eerie, but soon the sounds of nature returned. He had seen other similar looking objects, but never had one disappear in front of him.

Iceland-2005-The following report was submitted by an reader.

About two years ago I was driving my taxi with passenger to a town called Hafnafjordur. This was about 5:30 in the morning-the weather was kind of strange like it can get here in Iceland. It snows a bit and the sky has thick clouds, but sometimes you can see the dark sky through them. It is rather hard to describe these weather conditions we get up here. As we drove into town I noticed what seemed to be purple light behind the clouds. It was not the sun coming up or anything like that, the sun doesn't come up that early that time of year, and we were facing southwest.

Because I have an open mind, a thought occurred to me "There are aliens in Hafnafjordur tonight." I didn't say anything but kept on driving to the destination my passenger was going to. When we came to his place, which stands on a high point in town where you can see a lot of the town from, we noticed a bright pole of light reaching from the sky and landing on a building, as this pole of bright light reaches the sky it bends. I said to the passenger "What is this pole of light?" and we stared at it.

The car was moving very slowly and when a house comes in between us and the light, the light had gone, or faded away. Do you have any info on sightings similar to this one, and what are they? Everything I have heard about light until that day is that light cannot bend. So I'm very curious.

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  1. Just a month back..there were UFO sightings in some Indian cities too..Karnal and Guwahati ! creepy !!


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