Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Latest UFO Sightings Reports

Here are the latest UFO Sightings reported by Billy Booth to UFOs/Aliens.

Idaho-07-13-Witness was walking at night in the town of Moscow, listening to music on his mp3 player. As he neared his apartment, he looked toward the East, and saw what he thought was a bright star. But, there were no other stars visible in that part of the sky on this night. Suddenly the object in question became very bright and began moving in a U-shape, getting dimmer as it moved. The witness is sure it was not anything conventional because of the way it moved.

Indiana-07-20-A young boy noticed some unusual lights in the sky, and called his family to take a look. They were stunned by the appearance of chevron-shaped lights about 10-15 degrees above the horizon. Being very familiar with aircraft flying out of CVG Airport, which is located about 30 miles away, they were certain this was no plane. This is the first time they have reported a UFO.

Kentucky-07-06-A man and his wife were driving southeast bound on I-24 at about 4:00 PM between exit 89 and 1. They saw a small, black sphere which was moving about 100 feet above the ground. It was positioned just off of the highway. The object was moving very close to trees along side the highway. The object was very distinct, with a ring around it. The family reported the sighting to MUFON, because it was very much like a recent UFO sighting in Maryland.

Minnesota-07-19-Three men were driving in the country when they saw a very unusual steak behind them. They were traveling about 60 m/p/h but noticed the object because the front seat passenger was turned around talking to his friend in the back seat. The object was easy to spot being a bright green in color. They had never seen anything like it before, and were sure it was not a conventional aircraft.

New York-07-15-The witness was watching the skies with binoculars, which he does often. After a half-hour, he saw a black sphere with plasma-like light emitting from it. The light would brighten, then dim to black, but could still be seen. The sighting lasted for 10-12 minutes until the object moved enough to be blocked off by a neighbor's house. The witness had no idea what the object was.

North Carolina-07-12-Woman was driving, running errands for her husband when she saw an unusual object in the sky. The unknown object glowed, and did not seem to move at all. It hung very low in the sky, and was clearly visible from her vantage point. It did not appear to brighten or dim its glow, and she was able to watch it off and on for quite some time as she drove along. She often watched the sky, and has never seen anything resembling the object before.

Alabama-07-20-A man and wife were going home from shopping when they saw a bright, flashing light. They first thought that it was from a nearby airport, but those lights were not visible from the side of the mountain they were on. As they drove on, the light became larger and larger. The object was not anything conventional, and they lost sight of it behind some tall trees.

California-07-28-The witness was in his backyard for his daily sky watching. He spotted what at first looked like a half inflated mylar balloon. The area he lives in is quite windy, and it is very common to see various objects floating through the skies, but this was different. He tried to focus on the object with his binoculars, but the object was fuzzy. He could tell it was silver in color, and was shaped like an acorn. The object kept turning and moving for a time, and then sat motionless for 3 minutes. At one point, it began bouncing up and down. He was at a loss to identify it as any conventional flying object.

Florida-07-26-The witness was working on the computer when he heard a tapping on his window. It was his neighbor summoning him outside. Going out to the yard, he and his neighbor saw a blinding white light. He ran in to get his wife, but by the time he was back the light had vanished. After a time, he did notice a distant object, flashing red and blue before disappearing from view.

New Hampshire-07-27-The witness was checking his computer email about 10:00 PM, when for some reason he looked through his window. He was shocked to see the sight of a fiery object in the sky. The UFO was about the size of a nickel held at arm's length. He diligently watched the object as it moved towards the North. Its color was that of flaming orange, as he viewed it through his binoculars. The binoculars showed a group of lights surrounded by a halo. The halo appeared to have dimension.

Kentucky-07-04-A family was driving home from the Ohio County Park in Hartford. They were on Highway 269, when the wife saw a large, glowing object. She told her husband, and he looked and thought it was just an airplane, but after a time, he stated, "OK, it's a UFO." The object looked as if it was going to crash, and it headed straight toward the ground, before finally pulling up. Neither the man or the woman could understand what they had seen except for a UFO.

Mississippi-07-27-The witness was taking a look at Jupiter when he saw a very bright and large object to the west of the planet. He could not make out a shape, as the unknown object was dark, but it did give off a bright glow. The UFO was about 30-40 degrees above the horizon. The object moved against the prevailing winds, slowly getting smaller, (farther away) until it disappeared. Although he is an avid sky watcher, he has never seen an object like the one he did on July, 27.

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