Saturday, August 25, 2007

Latest UFO Sighting Reports

Here are the latest UFO Sightings reported by Billy Booth to UFOs/Aliens.

California-08-12-The witness was watching the start of the recent meteor shower with his son. It was about 10:00 PM when they lay on their trampoline looking towards the northeast. They noticed what they thought at first was a satellite, but they quickly changed their minds, when the object began zig-zagging across the sky. The object also pulsated, fading in and out, as it moved from the southwest to the north. All of a sudden, the object was gone. Both father and son were somewhat shaken by what they had seen.

Colorado-08-10-Our witness, who was working at the time, went out to his truck to get something to drink, and saw what he thought was a partially deflated mylar balloon in the sky. As he watched the unknown object, it soon expanded into a huge, white disc, making movements such as circles and zig-zags. He was shocked to see another object appear, just like the first one. The two UFOs then put on an aerial show, making unusual maneuvers in unison. Soon, one of the objects disappeared, and the other turned on its side, and slowly moved out of view. He called for coworkers to come and see the objects, but before they could corroborate his sighting, the objects had left the area. There was one other witness to the whole event-his supervisor.

Michigan-08-07-The witness and her husband were sky watching in Lewiston, when suddenly, an orange lighted ball-shaped object appeared and moved across the sky. The unknown object was very large, and emitted contrail. The couple is experienced in seeing meteors and comets, but attest that this object was not either. They will never forget the awesome sight of August 8.

Texas-08-10-The witness, a woman who lives near Tyler, was sitting on her deck at about 10:15 PM, when she saw a number of points of light, similar in size to stars, but she was sure these were not stars. The objects were moving in irregular patterns, some faster than others. The lady was talking to a friend of hers on the phone at the time, and gave her directions to see the objects. Her friend could see them also. The witness called her husband out, and he too, was able to see the unusual movement of the UFOs.

United Kingdom-08-11-Some friends were sitting outside because of the heat, and watching the skies. Suddenly, one of the friends yelled, "What is that?" Two unknown objects were moving left to right from their point of view, and then reversed the direction. They appeared to be playing games in the sky. The witnesses frequently watch the skies, but this was the first time they had seen such a thing. They claimed to be "freaked out" by the experience.

United Kingdom-08-04-In New Hampshire, a 29-year-old man claims to have had an amazing encounter. Arriving home from work at about 11:00 PM, he sat down to eat on his balcony. He soon noticed a pear-shaped object of red and purple. Incredibly, the object came as close as 100 meters, so close he could make out details of the UFO. The craft had triangle-shaped windows of black, and soon one of them became transparent. Through it, he could see a gray alien with a tight fitting black outfit on! The being seemed to see our witness, and then all of a sudden, the UFO shrank into a white light. The witness, who was not a believer before the sighting, certainly is now. He claims that what he saw was real.

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