Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Latest UFO Sighting Reports

Here are the latest UFO Sightings reported to UFOs/Aliens.

Alabama-May, 1997-Our witness was working in Gungersville, and driving home after work. Three miles out of the city of Sumiton, he noticed in an adjacent cow pasture, a "bubble-shaped" object bigger than a house. It was only about 50 feet above the ground. The object made not a sound, as the cattle continued their grazing without interruption. The object reflected its surroundings. Within a couple of minutes, the object suddenly moved toward the witness, and then shot straight up and out of sight. Nothing was heard, nor disturbed, not even the grass.

California-05-06-07-Witness walked out of the back door and saw a UFO in the sky shining like a fluorescent night light for all the world to see. It was if the light gave off a tranquil feeling to the witness. The object was of a teardrop-shape, and began to spin, and then sped away. It left a type of blue "aura" behind in the sky.

Georgia-04-27-07-Witness was driving home from a friends house, and as he came over a hill, he saw a disc-shaped object hanging in the air. Witness states that the UFO had a thousand lights on it which were red, white, and blue. The object disappeared for a time, then reappeared as the witness neared his house. It then flew away, and was not seen again.

Illinois-05-03-07-Witness was coming home from the mall when he saw several lights flashing in the sky. The lights were green and red. There were sounds coming from the lights similar to a car engine. After arriving home, more of these lights became visible, as they slowly moved to the West. The objects then began to encircle the Tinley Park/Orland Park area. The objects/lights seemed to be only about one thousand feet altitude. The sighting was reported to the local police department, and the next day at school, several of the children remarked that their parents had also seen the lights.

Indiana-02-09-07-The witness states that he saw a UFO on February 9, 2007. The object gave off a beige light. It was not far above the horizon, as it slowly gained altitude. It then began to move toward the East, and at that time, the witness could not see the object anymore. Two other people corroborated the sighting. The three friends had been outside sledding at the time in Ft. Wayne.

Texas-04-28-07-As the witness was driving down a hill near Holley, he saw a floating object in the sky. The UFO was of a metallic color, and a cigar-shape. The witness states that he was close enough to the object to be sure it was not an airplane. The object had no wings, and was flying much too low to be a conventional airplane. The witness and his girlfriend tried to follow the object in their car, but could not keep up with it as it began to move away.

South Wales-01-05-07-Here is a sighting from an reader that I tucked away and forgot about. I apologize for that and want to add it now:

Witness saw objects not well defined above the clouds at dusk. They were more visible through the broken clouds, and the shape of the objects resembled a 50 cent piece with half circles underneath. The witness is still not certain if she saw UFOs or not. The sighting took place over South Wales Gellionen Mountain.

Well, folks, I hope you found these reports as interesting as I did, and be sure to check back next week for more reports of strange objects flying through our skies. Until then, keep your eyes on the skies.

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