Thursday, March 15, 2007

MUST SEE VIDEO!! Dr. Steven M. Greer's latest lecture over the Disclosure Project, CSETI, SEAS Power, and his latest book

"There is a major country in the world - G7 Country - that has decided to do this with us and has invited us to become the primary contactee to precipitate an event with these extraterrestrial vehicles with the full support of their air force, space command, everything, land and meet the leadership of this country with us facilitating this so that this can than be proximally disclosed to the world, and that what we are doing eminent - what we are working on eminently." - Dr. Steven M. Greer

This was taken from the Conscious Life Expo, in Los Angeles, February 11th, 2007. Everyone really needs to watch this. How much longer can we stick our heads in the sand?

EDIT: 9/5/07 - The video doesn't seem to be available any longer. I will keep an eye out for it and post it here again when I find it.

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