Sunday, March 18, 2007

Latest UFO Sightings

"Omega Disks" by Luca Oleastri

Here are the latest UFO Sightings reported to UFOs/Aliens.

03-07-07-Arkansas-Witness reports that a star-like object has appeared in his city for several weeks running. Witness says that unknown object is NOT a star, because it sits near horizon level with late afternoon clouds and disappears before night fall comes. Witness observed object through binoculars and it appeared to be flat or disc-shaped throwing out multi-colored light beams around it. The object does not move.

03-08-07-Florida-Early morning witness went outside to gather newspaper, and as he looked toward the Moon, he saw two star-like objects to his left near the Moon. The objects were in motion at a uniform speed. Now and then, one or the other object would fade from view, then reappear. After about 30 seconds, the objects were gone. Witness is certain they were not airplanes.

03-07-07-Illinois-A large silver object partially shrouded in clouds moved from North to South across the horizon near EW Tollway 88 and Route 39 Downers Grove. It could have been a blimp but it was too large and moved too quickly. It wasn't a plane... it had no wings. It moved southerly and then westerly and then disappeared. It was the strangest thing the witness had ever seen.

03-07-07-Maine-Witness was looking out of kitchen window and thought he saw the Moon but after looking out the other side of the house the Moon was there. Witness watched the object for about 5 minutes, and the object never moved. Finally, it simply vanished from the sky.

03-04-07-Missouri-Ex-Cop reports that as he walked outside, he noticed some lights in the sky. The color was like amber street lights, or vapor lights. The lights appeared to form a circular shape. They would come on and off in different sequences. Lights were about 5,000 feet altitude. Object was huge, states witness. The lights were obviously attached to some object, which moved off in an easterly direction. After about 15 minutes, witness again spotted objects in the western sky, but much further away.

03-07-07-Missouri-Witness wrote in asking for someone to investigate a UFO that was seen by the Jefferson City, Missouri, Cole County Sheriffs Department. After a sighting was called in to them, several deputies and state troopers arrived and saw the object. Witness overhead them calling in sighting to base. Friends of the witness heard it all on police scanner.

03-08-07-New York-Witness was asleep, and bed was next to a large window with the venetian blinds rolled up. At exactly 4:26 AM, witness woke up because of some sound, and saw a moving light through the window. He opened the window and screen to get a better look. He could see a contrail thousands of feet high extending from his location toward the Moon. Higher up, another contrail transversed the first, giving witness the idea that two objects had flown high above him. He had not seen anything like this before, and thinks the trails were related to the sound he heard.

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  1. once i hit a ball with bat. it went few meters up in tree leaves & it never fell down . was it due to sudden anti gravity/small ufo


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