Friday, March 23, 2007

Latest UFO Sighting Reports

Here are the latest UFO Sightings reported to UFOs/Aliens.

Alabama-03-14-07-Witness was driving to his friend's house on Chalkville Road on a clear night. He soon spotted a brilliantly lit triangular-shaped object directly in front of him. Object was turned where the distinctive triangle shape was easily seen. Thinking it might be a plane, even a stealth, was easily dismissed because object had a large, red, circular light directly in the center. He watched the object for quite some time, and two other motorists also saw it.

Arizona-03-13-07-Witness saw three lights in the sky, at first moving together until one moved away, disappeared, then reappeared. The next night the object also appeared, witnessed also by niece across the street from observer's home, who saw the UFO first. Four other family members also witnessed the object / lights on the same night.

California-03-14-07-In the small town of Buttonwillow, witness was sitting on his porch at home, when he noticed what he first thought was a jet plane. Upon closer inspection, he noticed that the object had no wings or tail. Object was very shiny silver, and an amazing three football fields long. The long cigar-shaped object had three protuberances on the top.

Georgia-03-15-07-Witness looked toward backyard, and saw a UFO at treetop level. The object had bright lights, and was a bluish-silver color. The object has a triangular-shaped light in the middle of an egg-shaped bottom. UFO was so low, witness states he could almost touch it. He could hear a humming noise as it moved over his head. Object eventually moved out of sight.

Illinois-03-10-07-The witness was in a hot tub at night, and saw a triangular-shaped UFO fly over his position. It was moving at very low altitude. Object was large, very dark in color, and more arrowhead shaped. Witness reported the sighting to local police department, but they had received no other reports of the slow moving, silent object.

New York-03-13-07-Witness spotted a bright, shining object which hovered in one spot for two minutes. Event occurred as witness was sitting at computer, while his wife was in the kitchen. They both heard a a low-pitched, rumbling sound from outside. The husband kept having the feeling that he was being watched, which caused him to go outside, and at that time, he witnessed the UFO. There had been a lot of air traffic over their house, which was very unusual.


  1. Something is definitely going on. Accolades to the French for releasing their government files.

    Thank You!


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